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Lemon Balm Tea Calmer

Lemon Balm seeds

Smelling both minty and lemony, lemon balm scent is irresistible to bees and humans and since antiquity.  Beekeepers crush the leaves to draw worker bees to a newly-constructed hive. Even the genus name, Melissa, is the Greek word for “honeybee”. Ancient Greeks and Romans, attributed many healing properties to lemon balm and although the Swiss physician Paracelsus may have been overstating the case in describing it as his ‘elixir of life’, it has regularly been used medicinally throughout the ages. Today it’s attracting scientific study into its reputed benefits in improving sleep quality, quelling mild anxiety symptoms, enhancing cognitive performance, and relieving dyspepsia.


  • About a dozen lemon balm leaves
  • 250 ml water
  • Honey to taste

Lemon balm tea can be made from fresh lemon balm leaves or dried lemon balm leaves.

Simply place the leaves in a mug and pour over the boiling water. Other flavours can be added such as mint leaves or slivers of ginger.

If you prefer your drink cold, then double the quantity of leaves, leave it to cool and then pour it over ice.

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