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January Newsletter

january newsletter

lis“There are two seasonal diversions that can ease the bite of any winter.
One is the January thaw.  The other is the seed catalogues.”
–  Hal Borland

Christmas may be over but we are still in the bleak mid-winter. Most gardens will be inaccessible due to mud, frost or snow and huge motivation would be needed to make even the keenest of gardener venture out. A brisk winter walk? Yes please, but several hours spent getting cold in the garden? No thanks. On days when the garden is accessible it’s best to pop out, do a bit and then head back inside for a warm-up. The days are getting longer and in just a few weeks the garden will be opening her arms to you again.

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Our top ten recommended tasks this month include:

  • Prepare for the year ahead by getting the lawnmower serviced, secateurs sharpened and pots cleaned and tidily stacked.
  • Check tree and shrub stakes and make sure that any ties are secure but not causing damage by rubbing.
  • Finish clearing away fallen leaves paying attention to removing any with blackspot from beneath your roses.
  • Check any stored dahlia tubers. Cut away any bits showing rot and plunge shrivelled tubers in a bucket of tepid water overnight then dry thoroughly.
  • Firm in any plants that have been lifted by frost.
  • Keep houseplants warm and free from draughts. Water sparingly.
  • Seed potatoes will start being delivered this month. Visit our blog for advice re getting them started,
  • Keep on top of weeds now and life will be easier come summer.
  • The first spring bulbs will be showing their pretty faces this month. Do you have enough? Are they in the right place? Make notes now so that you can take action later.
  • Take advice from the author and naturalist Hal Borland (see quote above) and settle down with your Suttons seed catalogue. Now is the ideal time to decide what you want to grow and to place your order.


Plant Ordering & Delivery

garden catalogue 2017The Suttons plant catalogue will be landing on your doormats early this month. Your first opportunity to order from our fabulous 2017 range.

So, what is the early delivery option?

We will grow a batch of each of the selected varieties for early delivery,
iearly-delivery-icon.e. mid-April. Many areas of the country will still be experiencing late frosts and cold weather and so these plants will need protection. This protection will need to be in a greenhouse, conservatory or windowsill.

To read about the benefits of early delivery and more information please visit

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