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March Newsletter

All Nature seems at work.  Slugs leave their lair. The bees are stirring, birds are on the wing, And Winter slumbering in the open air, wears on his smiling face a dream of spring.”

~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge

As we move into March, it is the month where spring is finally among us. Although wrapping up in your favourite jumper and going on a windy walk has its perks, we are seeing a glimpse of summer on the horizon which we have all been waiting for. According to the Met Office, the 1st March heralds the start of spring whereas astronomically it doesn’t arrive until the Spring Equinix, which this year falls on 20th March. So perhaps we are being a bit optimistic. The Spring Equinox is when the day and the night are of equal length but when we sun we see the sun!

So, we can start getting excited from 1st March onwards but not until after the Spring Equinox will the days lengthen and the nights shorten, giving us all more time to spend in our gardens. We tend to think it’s the increased daylight that makes our plants spurt into growth but in fact, it is the shorter nights.

Of course, spring is not just the name of the season, it is also an active verb. With lighter mornings we can spring earlier from our beds and start to make our gardens look wonderful, with the promise of summer ahead.

This month is the beginning of the peak gardening season. Sowing flower seed should be at its height now, plus it is also the start of the main sowing season for vegetables outdoors. Early flowering bulbs will require some attention this month. As long as weather conditions allow preparation for lawns can begin. Gardens could very well need a general tidy-up at this time and keep a lookout for any weeds that are beginning to appear.

In this month’s March newsletter, we are going to be taking you through handy March garden tips, seeds to sow including flowers and veg, this month’s offers, gifts for Mothers Day and much more.

March newsletter top tips of the month

Every month we like to give you the best tips in the garden there is. In this month’s March newsletter, it looks like there’s plenty to all over the garden including mowing the lawn and preparing your summer flowering bulbs!

  1. As your long-awaited daffodils start to fade, strengthen the bulbs for next year by snapping off the deadheads. Don’t be tempted to remove the leaves, untidy as they may look, they really do need to be left to die down naturally if you want a good display next year.
  2. As spring bulbs come to an end now is the time to plant summer flowering ones, including lilies, anemones, dahlias, begonias and gladioli. Wait until the soil begins to warm and choose a sunny spot in free-draining soil. Summer bulbs will also do well grown in pots. Remember to plant at 2 to 3 times the depth of the bulb.
  3. Sow tomato seed this month and you’ll be picking the fruits by the end of June. Early varieties of tomatoes will develop well on plants when grown under glass in a heated greenhouse. For quick germination, it is best to sow the seed in a heated propagator or you could use a windowsill. It is best to sow outdoor varieties later in the month and the plants are potted on as they grow, ready for planting out in early June.
  4. Shallot sets can be planted this month, spacing at 15cm (6″) intervals in rows 30cm (12″) apart, and once conditions have warmed up, generally towards the end of March, onion sets may also be planted.
  5. Cut down any perennials left from last year so that new growth can form. Now is the time to put supports in place for the plants to grow up and through.
  6. Sow, sow, sow! March is prime seed sowing time so make sure you’ve got the seeds you want, plenty of seed trays and compost and then get started. Hardy annuals can be sown directly where you want them to flower.
  7. Lawn mowing starts this month, depending on the weather! Set the blades nice and high and remember to skirt around any clumps of bulbs. Neatening the edges of the lawn will give the garden an instant lift.
  8. The deadheads on hydrangeas will have provided the plant with winter protection but can now be removed. Using sharp secateurs, cut the stem back to the first strong, healthy pair of buds down from the dead flower.
  9. Plants growing in containers will need regular watering from this month onwards and some will need repotting. If the plant is too large to repot simply carefully remove some of the top compost and replace it with fresh.
  10. Seed potatoes should be set out in trays which are placed in a bright but cool, frost-free situation so that the shoots will form. Plantings of early varieties can be made during March, however, main crop varieties are best planted in April.

Fancy more? As much as our March newsletter is full of handy info, check out our Monthly Garden Advice for more tips, tricks and jobs to do each month!

Did you know we have March gardening advice from 1906? Click here to read more!

March gardening advice

March Flowers to Sow 

Unsure of which flowers to sow in March? Sowing flower seed is at its peak this month as most summer bedding varieties can now be sown, including cosmea, gazania, petunia, lobelia, sweet pea, calendula, clarkia, larkspur, nigella and marigold.

cornflower seeds classic fanstastic

Cornflower Seeds – Classic Fantastic

Classic Fantastic is a re-selected and improved variety with good double flowers in various shades of blue, most with attractive frosted white edges. Long stems make it an ideal item for cutting. A ‘cottage garden’ favourite. Height 75cm (30″). HA – Hardy annual.

geranium f2 seeds super hybrid mix

Geranium F2 Seeds – Super Hybrid Mix

The Super Hybrid Mix is a stunning mixture for filling beds, borders or patio containers. Flowers, in a beautiful range of colours, are produced all summer long. Majestic plants laden with blooms. HHP – Half-hardy perennial. F2 hybrid. Height 30cm (12″).

Delphinium Seeds - Magic Fountains Mix

Delphinium Seeds – Magic Fountains Mix

Magic Fountains is a vigorous-growing mixture which if sown early will flower in the current year. Sturdy flower spikes of blue mauve, lilac pink and white. A traditional ‘cottage garden’ favourite. Very attractive to bees. HP – Hardy perennial. Height 75-90cm (2½-3′). (Seeds/plants harmful if eaten.)

New Flower Seed

Cosmos seeds tango

Cosmos Seeds – Tango

Cosmos Seeds – Tango are truly a beautiful variety of cosmos. They are a favourite amongst gardeners with delightful, daisy-like flowers and feathery foliage adding a much-needed boost of texture, movement and vibrant colours to your flower beds and flower borders. The vibrant colour of the Cosmos Seeds – Tango will really stand out above the rest. Bright orange colours with paler streaks along the petals will most definitely catch your eye.

March Veg to Sow

According to our March newsletter, the soil is now warming up and lots of veg can be sown, including artichoke, beetroot, parsley and spinach. Sow aubergine, cucumber and tender veg in a heated greenhouse and early tomatoes in a heated propagator.

carrot seeds rainbow mix

Carrot Seeds – Rainbow Mix

These rainbow carrots will be show stoppers at your table! Suttons have put together a fascinating blend of carrot colours to brighten up meal times and get the kids to eat their veg! 90 days from sowing to harvest (taken from our own trials and may vary in different areas).

Courgette Seeds - Courcourzelle

Courgette Seeds – Courcourzelle

This courgette is a attractive, striped fruit that is an old Italian variety with a sweet and nutty flavour. Produces smaller plants, perfect for containers and the veg bed. Productive plants crop all summer long, perfect to pick when 20cm long. Harvest July-September.

Tomato Seeds - Alicante

Tomato Seeds – Alicante

A popular tomato, maturing early and producing an excellent crop of medium sized fleshy fruits of fine flavour. Succeeds well in soil or grow bags. Resistant to greenback. For cultivation under glass or outdoors.

New Veg Seed

luffa seeds

Luffa Seeds

You’ve probably heard of or used a luffa sponge in your time but, did you know it was actually made from a vegetable? Luffas come from plants similar to a climbing courgette and not from the sea! Why just grow veg when you can grow other household staples too? The Luffa is the perfect eco- friendly and sustainable home-grown pan scourer or bath sponge.

Offers This Month – March Newsletter

Whether you’re looking for bumper bedding packs, tasty fruit and veg or garden furniture to sit back and enjoy your outdoor space, we have an offer for you which you can check out straight from our March newsletter. You’ll find the best offers from our catalogues, alongside last-minute deals and exciting seasonal sales.

March newsletter veg offers

There’s only one thing more satisfying than growing your own vegetables, and that’s growing your own veg when you’ve bought it for a bargain! Grow more for less with our offers at Suttons!

March newsletter flower offers

Whether it’s the perfect perennials for your flower beds & borders or pots for your patio plants, choosing new flowers is part of the fun of gardening, and who doesn’t love a bargain?

March newsletter fruit offers

There’s something exciting about growing fruit plants at home, and our fruit offers mean you can try something different for less. From soft berries to crunchy apples, you’ll find them here!

March newsletter equipment offers

Transforming your outside spaces is even easier with the amazing deals we have on gardening equipment. From garden furniture & tools to hanging baskets & feeds, you’ll find it here!

Social Posts of the Month #MySuttonsJourney

We like to feature our gardening community in our monthly newsletter and you guys have been busy! It’s a time full of seeds and sowing and you have been keeping us up to date with your luffas, sowing in toilet rolls and growing your own Living Stones / Lithops!

Below are our top 5 social posts of the month and if you would like the chance to be featured in next month’s newsletter, simply tag us and use the hashtag #MySuttonsJourney. 

Follow us on our social media pages and if you tag us with our hashtag, you could be featured in our next monthly newsletter!

March’s Birth Flower – The Daffodil


The daffodil symbolises rebirth and new beginnings so is unsurprisingly the birth flower of March. Hence it is our hero image for our March newsletter! Spring is springing and nature is reawakening to another cycle of growth. The Victorians considered the daffodil to be a symbol of chivalry and today they are a sign of hope and friendship. Give a bunch of daffodils to someone and you are offering friendship and happiness. Give a single flower and you are inviting bad luck. Goodness, the language of flowers can be tricky!

There are over 50 species of daffodil and more than 13000 hybrids! Traditionally golden yellow daffodils are now available in white, orange, green and even pink. The trumpet or corona can also vary wildly with some being completely flattened.

Click here to read more about March’s birth flower.

Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day falls on the 14th March which gives us two weeks to get a thoughtful gift sorted for our beloved mums! We understand that gifts by post are the way for today but we have some excellent letterbox surprises for you included in our March newsletter! Mother’s deserve to spoil and Suttons letterbox gifts are a delightful way to show it.

Our excellent range of letterbox-friendly gift packs make great gifts for Mother’s Day, or gardeners, wildlife lovers and someone who likes their chillies hot! Perfectly packaged to send directly to the recipient, there are five inspiring themes to choose from! Each is packed with a selection of seeds, sowing accessories, a gardener’s exfoliating hand soap and either a handy tool, themed accessory, or hand cream set.

This range is specially designed to fit through an average UK letterbox sized (41.5 x 16 x 4.2cm) providing fuss free and no contact delivery. The contents will remain in place having been carefully and strategically positioned inside the box to pack in those gardening goodies!

fragrant garden letterbox gift.

Fragrant Garden Letterbox Gift

A gift for a flower lover

This glorious personalised gift box includes three packs of Fragrant Flower Seeds, Twine, Mini Secateurs, care for your hands with Gardeners Hand Therapy Exfoliating Soap, plus a fragranced Hand Cream Trio.

Shop Here!

vegetable garden letterbox gift

Vegetable Garden Letterbox Gift

Do you know someone who loves to grow their own?

Whether they have an allotment plot or a vegetable patch in the back garden our Vegetable Garden Letterbox Gift is the perfect way to keep them growing and sowing! Includes five versatile seed varieties, Twine, Plant Labels, Gardeners Hand Therapy Exfoliating Soap and Cleaning Brush.

Shop Here!

chilli letterbox gift

Chilli Letterbox Gift

For someone who likes it hot!

Our Chilli Letterbox Gift includes a thoughtful selection of fiery treats for chilli fans, foodies, gardeners and enthusiasts alike. Inside the Chilli Letterbox Gift, you will find Four varieties of Chilli Seeds, Plant Labels, Gardeners Hand Therapy Exfoliating Soap, plus a Chilli Coring Tool to ensure you don’t get that fiery juice on your skin.

Shop Here!

wildlife letterbox gift

Wildlife Letterbox Gift

Wonderful for wildlife lovers!  

Our Wildlife Letterbox Gift includes a thoughtful selection of treats for gardeners and enthusiasts alike. The Wildlife Letterbox Gift includes four Floral Seed Mixes, Twine, Mini Secateurs, Gardeners Hand Therapy Exfoliating Soap, plus a Pressed Flower Kit for creating mini masterpieces from your beautiful blooms.

Shop Here!

herb letterbox gift

Herb Letterbox Gift

Perfect for Kitchen Gardeners

The ideal gift for those gardeners that like to keep their herbs close to hand! The Herbs Letterbox Gift set includes five versatile herb seed varieties, Twine, effortlessly label your herbs with Plant Labels, care for your hands with Gardeners Hand Therapy Exfoliating Soap and a handy Multi Tool.

Shop Here!

letterbox gift wrapping paper

Beautifully presented and packaged – all the work is done for you! They are fully gift wrapped and sent directly to the recipient at your request! Gift set components are wrapped in decorative tissue and elegantly held in place secure and compact within the box.

Alternatively, How About Some Brand New Flower Seed Varieties for Mother’s Day?

Does your mother or special someone love to grow and tend their own flowers? and keep busy in the garden as the sun comes out? Why not treat them to some brand new flower seeds this year, which aren’t just a gift for the day, but a gift which keeps on coming! Whether you are buying for someone who likes something fragrant or colourful, here’s a glimpse of our latest range of flower seeds for you to choose from.

Allotment Tips – March Newsletter

March allotment tips

Do you or someone you know own an allotment and want to find out helpful hints and tips each month? Lee Senior is an experienced horticultural writer, RHS Yorkshire in Bloom judge and horticultural consultant, who writes a monthly entree on allotment tips each month for Suttons blog. Besides our March newsletter, Lee tackles everything from growing veg, controlling pests and making the most out of your sheds, greenhouses and garden tools.

We hope our March newsletter gives you enough to hit the ground running with the busy gardening and sowing season ahead!

Join the Suttons community today and take us with you on your gardening journey – #MySuttonsJourney

In addition to our March newsletter, browse our latest blog posts for gardening advice, how-to guides and insights into new products.

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