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Suttons Make Movie Nights Sizzle ‘n’ Pop with Snobaby Sweet Corn

snobaby sweet corn

Let it sno, let it sno… crop it small or let Snobaby grow!

Suttons introduces the very versatile Sweet Corn Seeds Snobaby F1 to their seed range for 2021!

This mouth-watering crop is dual use, either ‘crop it small’ and use as baby corns or ‘let it grow’ till they reach mature sized cobs perfect for making your own homemade popcorn!

So, cook up a storm in your kitchen and make movie nights sizzle ‘n’ POP with Sweet Corn ‘Snobaby’ F1!

The perfect token Valentine’s gift for 2021, your sweetheart may have to buy popcorn this year on the 14th of February but sow these this season and watch your Sweet Corn and your love grow, come August you will be cuddling up on the couch together, watching your most favourite romantic movie, eating handfuls of homemade popcorn!

snobaby sweet corn
Code: 18 02 08
Sow: Mid-April to mid-June

Happiest in full sun, Snobaby Sweet Corn F1 is ideal for your vegetable beds and borders and also easy to grow. Whether you choose to crop these as mini corns or let them mature to full size, you’ll have plenty to go round as each plant produces 4-5 cobs each!

Let ‘em grow to see the ‘sno’!

Suttons forecasts heavy ‘Sno’ drifts throughout the nation’s kitchens for 2021!

Simply sow it and grow it, then crop ‘n’ POP it!

Once matured and reaching approximately 20cm the Snobaby cobs are perfectly sized for popcorn production!

These can then be dried – a sunny windowsill is the perfect place to leave them till the kernels go hard. Simply place dried cobs in a plastic bag in the microwave and the corn will literally pop off the cob to provide a delicious bowlful of the freshest fluffy popcorn!

Then all that’s left is to decide is how to top it!

Keep it simple and low in calories with a light sprinkling of salt, or experiment and create your own wacky flavours, here’s some you could try…

Chilli and lime, salt and black pepper, paprika or rosemary, however you choose to eat yours there’s loads of fun to be had. Big kids, little kids and cuddly couples will love getting involved in the process whilst making movie nights extra special and totally scrumptious!

Crop snobaby small to make movie nights sizzle!

Crop Snobaby Sweet Corn F1 while small and tender as baby corns, perfectly sized for using whole, adding sweetness and crunch to a whole variety of dishes from Asian inspired curries to a sizzling stir fry. Being low prep and easy to cook as well as colourful and healthy it’s just the meal to dish up for a sizzling Saturday night supper. Pick miniature cobs regularly, before pollination, to promote further mini cob production or leave them to swell if you want cobs for popping.

Cuddle up on the couch – feet up… movie on… and enjoy!


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