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Win Suttons Mini Grape Collection worth £50

This competition has now closed but thank you to all those who took part. Congratulations goes out to our winnerBrendan P.

Keep an eye on our social channels or ‘Competitions’ page for future giveaways. And in the meantime, take a quick peek at growing grape vines using our brand new Grape ‘Pixie’™ Collection.

Give your patio a Mediterranean flavour this summer

Rob Smith pots up the Grape ‘Pixie’™ Collection for his Mediterranean kitchen garden
Image: @robsallotment (© Rob Smith)

Terracotta pots, sun-loving plants, a rustic dining table and the enticing scents of lavender, citrus and rosemary are the perfect ingredients for a Mediterranean-style patio. 

While it can take many years to transform an entire garden, you can quickly and easily establish a relaxed Mediterranean feel in a smaller space like a patio. By strategically grouping containers around your seating area, choosing your plants carefully and using a consistent range of materials, your patio could become a secluded French courtyard or an atmospheric Italian terrazza in the space of a weekend.

Here are five of the best patio plants for Mediterranean charm: 

  1. Grape vines: train them up a pergola or choose exciting new compact varieties like the ‘Pixie’™ collection from Suttons. Comprising three different grapes, the vines in this new collection grow to just 1m tall, making them perfect for containers. Edible, exotic and highly ornamental, they flower and fruit all summer long, making delicious juices, cordials or dried snacks. See what horticultural expert Rob Smith did with his.
  2. Citrus trees: lemons, limes and bitter oranges can all be grown on a sunny patio through the summer months. The scent of fresh citrus instantly invokes warmer climes and the fruits make an excellent addition to summer drinks and zesty salad dressings. Read our full article for tips on growing citrus in the UK.
  3. Olive trees: deliciously aromatic and edible, the silver grey evergreen foliage of these attractive trees can be pruned into neat architectural standards or allowed to take on a more natural and authentic appearance.
  4. Herbs: food is an important part of Mediterranean life and ornamental herbs like rosemary, thyme, basil and fennel lend their flavour, scent and shape to many continental gardens. Take a leaf out of their book and pack your patio containers with these attractive and edible plants. Find herb-growing advice here. 
  5. Lavender: plant your lavender in full sun to release the most scent. Tall, elegant flower spikes provide colour and texture, but it’s the beautiful smell that lingers in the air on warm summer evenings that makes this a must-have for Mediterranean-style patios. Choose pinks, purples and whites for glorious variety. 

We hope this has helped you to create the ultimate outdoor dining area, reminiscent of your favourite foreign holidays. It’s now possible to grow many exotic fruits and vegetables in the UK and, with a little imagination, you can easily transform your outdoor space into something really special. Didn’t know you could grow grapes in your own backyard? Read our grape growing article and make your own wine!

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  1. Kristina says:

    I love to win a grapes.

  2. Charlotte Hughes says:

    Would love to grow grapes in the Welsh countryside

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