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Award-winning spring bulbs

Yellow daffodil amongst tulip bulbs

We want you to enjoy the very best displays from your spring-flowering bulbs, so we’ve pulled together a collection of outstanding performers that hold an Award of Garden Merit from the RHS. Hard won accolades, they’re only given to very special plants. If you’re looking for reliable spring bulbs to plant this autumn, here are some real gems to try.

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What is the RHS Award of Garden Merit?

The RHS trials a wide range of plants and bulbs each year, checking for health, performance, and suitability for the UK climate. Once completed, each trial is assessed by a forum of RHS experts. These experts decide whether an award is merited and their judgement is then ratified by the Plant Council. Bulbs passing the test are given the RHS Award of Garden Merit (AGM). While at any one time, there are around 7,500 plants and bulbs that hold the award, regular reassessment ensures a steady flow of new additions as plants which no longer meet the strict criteria are dropped from the list. Here’s our shortlist of spring bulbs that you might like to try: 

Best daffodil bulbs

Daffodil 'Hoop Petticoat' flowers in basket
‘Hoop Petticoat’ is a dwarf Narcissus that is instantly recognisable thanks to its shapely blooms
Image: Suttons

An immensely versatile bulb, daffodils are both lovely traditional spring blooms and, with a little help from our plant breeders, some of the jazziest of spring flowers too:

Best tulip bulbs

Red and white petals of tulip 'Carnival de Nice'
Blooming later than other tulips, ‘Carnival de Nice’ bridges the gap between spring and summer
Image: Suttons

When so-called ‘tulip mania’ gripped Holland during the 17th century, investors won and lost fortunes buying and selling tulip bulbs. Fast forward to today and, while we wouldn’t want our customers to lose their heads over our tulips, we think you’ll agree, these award-winning bulbs are certainly head-turners:

Woodland bulbs for spring

Buttercup yellow petals of crocus 'Cream Beauty'
Plant crocus ‘Cream Beauty’ is large groups for maximum impact
Image: Suttons

If you’re looking for bulbs which naturalise to create an authentic woodland display, these are the spring blooms to plant on steep banks and beneath deciduous trees and shrubs:

Tall flowering spring bulbs

Purple petals of Camassia 'Lichtlinii'
Camassia ‘Lichtlinii’ look wonderful in borders 
Image: Suttons

In search of some taller flowering bulbs to give your planting scheme structure and presence? These RHS Award winners will give your beds and borders height, colour, and spectacle:

Show-stopping spring bulbs

Purple and yellow flowers of bearded Iris 'Bumblebee Deelite'
With contrasting purple and yellow petals, this bearded Iris will wow you year after year
Image: Suttons

Whether you’re looking for spring bulbs for your beds and borders, or want something special for your pots and containers, here are a few show-stopping varieties. Including flowers of all different shapes and sizes – what they all have in common is their stunning appearance:

Choosing spring-flowering bulbs from the range here at Suttons gives you access to a tremendous catalogue of high quality products. We love to see your gardens. Share your images with us using #mysuttonsjourney.

Lead image: Spring Companions Bulb Collection Bulbs from Suttons

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