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Gardening is Good For You!

Gardening is good for you - spend time outdoors for wellbeing

Our gardens and outdoor spaces can play a hugely beneficial role in maintaining mental and physical wellbeing, especially in summer with its warmer, longer days!

Recently the benefits of gardens to ‘biophilia’ – our inbuilt need to connect with nature and other forms of life – have been proven by scientists, who have shown how spending time out of doors (whether in gardens, the countryside or public parks) can satisfy this need.

So how can you benefit the most from your outdoor space?

Grow some fruit or veg

Growing food to eat doesn’t need to be hard work. Whether you have an allotment, patio or balcony, there are plants to suit every space. Why not start with a dwarf tomato plant, a variety such as Summerlast, and enjoy picking and eating the fruits with your friends and family? A 2-litre plant can thrive in the same pot that it arrives in with regular tomato feed and water.

Go to the green gym

Gardens are great places to exercise. Whether you’re in the potting shed, watering plants, mowing the lawn or chopping firewood – every activity helps to burn a few calories. Maybe you practice yoga or Tai Chi on your lawn or patio? Whatever you do, your ‘green gym’ is good for both body and soul.

Plant a tree

The plants in our gardens absorb pollutants, offer food and shelter for wildlife, and can reduce noise too. They also provide a great focal point and can provide you with some delicious fruit – dwarf pear, apple, peach and plum trees will thrive in a container on a patio. By planting a tree or perhaps a shrub, you’ll soon see and feel the benefits!

Meditate or take time out

There’s nothing like a dose of green therapy to recharge your batteries after a tough day (G&T optional). Being amongst plants brings you closer to nature and is sure to improve your mood – so get some ‘outdoorphins’ and feel your spirits lift! If you have a favourite spot in the garden, find a suitable seat so you can dwell a while.

Socialise with friends

Gardens and balconies are increasingly being used as extra outdoor ‘rooms’ – spaces in which to socialise and to relax. Creating a social space (or several) within your garden creates opportunities to have fun with friends away from the confines of the home. With comfortable outdoor furniture for dining and lounging, atmospheric solar lighting, outdoor heating and maybe some speakers, you’ll be very popular with your friends (maybe invite your neighbours around too)!

Spend time as a family

The long summer evenings are a great opportunity to spend time as a family. Relaxed seating such as hammocks, swing seats and bean bags encourage people to lounge a while.

Cook outside

Firepits, barbecues and outdoor stoves are a great way to get all generations involved in preparing and enjoying a meal – especially if you’ve grown some of the fruit or veg yourself. But toasting marshmallows is also good fun!

Play games

If you are up for a challenge, why not get some garden games? Boules, skittles and giant dominoes are firm family favourites!

We hope you’ll make the most of your outdoor space this summer and experience the many benefits it brings.

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5 thoughts on “Gardening is Good For You!”

  1. Sam Arnold says:

    Good morning Maureen. We’d recommend growing potatoes, true all-rounders than can be used in a variety of different ways. In the meantime, you could also browse our Fast Growing Vegetable Seeds, which will keep you going throughout winter and can be grown on windowsills if space is limited.
    Best regards,
    The Suttons Team

  2. Maureen Erdwin says:

    I FEEL SOMEWHAT FOOLISH making a comment here but just said to myself GO FOR IT.
    With my husband in serious poor health with COV 19 and other ill health in hospital fighting for his life, I just could not sleep, and so I arrived here at 04.30am on a Saturday almost a month to go to Christmas.
    I am searching for what to plant in the coming year, well may mean gardening on my own and the need to sustain the food table for
    my family of four and been never that way before, takes me by surprise to try to be more sustainable, and I am looking here at Suttons for advice as I am sure it is a very good website and a good company in which to place myself and thank them for being here.

  3. Kenny says:

    I can resonate with this post because it is something that am passionat about. I love gardening and have encourage all my kids to embrase it as well. We gave a family business ranging generation that appreciate the improtance of gardening. We help install grass of all types to people homes and offices.You can visit our website at to see what we do.

  4. Dominik says:

    Yes, gardening is useful for everyone. Thanks for sharing a blog like this. There are many benefits of tree-like oxygen, fruits, medical use n lots of.
    While maintaining a garden you have to keep your garden weed in control. recently we wrote a blog on weed control.
    sorry for the link, hope gardeners have use of it.

  5. Gardening is really becoming popular nowadays. I started gardening last year, I really enjoy it. It has helped me in maintaining mental and physical wellbeing.

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