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Hanging Baskets

One of the quickest and easiest ways to liven up a porch, patio, decking or drive is to add colourful hanging baskets. A spectacular hanging display will enhance even the dullest of entrances. Buying the plants and planting the baskets yourself is not difficult and is certainly rewarding but the quickest and perhaps surest way of getting a stunning display is to buy a pre-planted basket.

Hanging Basket Verbena

We’ve chosen some of our favourite basket varieties and have planted them together in 25cm terracotta-coloured hanging baskets. We’ve then grown them on at our nursery so that when they are delivered to our customers they will be large plants, almost ready to burst into bloom.Once placed in position they will quickly develop and trail to hide the basket.

Our pre-planted baskets are ready to order now and will be delivered mid-June. All you will need to do is to hang them up and enjoy a summer-long blast of colour.

We have four basket mixes for you to choose from:

Petunia Tumbelina Fragrance Mix
A British-bred variety producing mounded, trailing plants that are free-flowering with double blooms. And as an added bonus the blooms are deliciously scented.

Petunia Surfinia Large Flowered mix
These large flowers will create a torrential cascade of vibrant summer colour that last and lasts and they’re exceptionally weather resistant!

Hanging Basket Fuchsia

Fuchsia Trailing Mix
Fuchsias are a traditional hanging basket favourite and this variety, with its larger than usual blooms, will not fail to impress.

Verbena Mix
Compact, tightly knit plants boasting a waterfall of colourful blooms all summer long.
Keeping your hanging baskets looking good is not difficult if you follow this simple advice:
– Turn the baskets occasionally, so that all plants receive sufficient light.
– Check the surface of the soil and water when dry. This may well be daily.
– When you do water, keep going until the water drains from the bottom.
– Deadhead to keep the blooms coming.
– Feed every couple of weeks with a liquid fertiliser.

This is what will be delivered.

This is what will be delivered.

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