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4 best pre-planted hanging baskets

Colour-themed Collection - Top Class

One of the quickest and easiest ways to liven up a porch, patio, decking or drive is to add colourful, pre-planted hanging baskets. We’ve carefully curated several collections of our favourite flowers to create ready-made baskets that are poised to burst into bloom soon after delivery. 

Ready to order from May onwards, simply hang one of our beautifully colour themed hanging baskets in position and prepare to enjoy a delightful display. Here are four of our horticultural team’s favourites:

1. Eton Mess pre-planted hanging basket

Eton Mess Pre-Planted Hanging Basket from Suttons
Pretty in pink, this spectacular basket brightens up bare walls and fences
Image: Eton Mess Pre-Planted Hanging Basket from Suttons

Our Eton Mess pre-planted hanging basket delivers an explosion of pink and white summer bedding plants chosen especially for a show-stopping display. Named after the famous dessert, this hanging basket is just as sweet and colourful and can be ordered in 20cm and 35cm sizes. The perfect way to frame an entrance, this basket prefers a sunny spot.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance hanging basket, this is the one for you. Just hang it, keep the soil moist and, before you know it, these robust annuals will burst into bloom and create a stunning focal point.

2. Fuchsia trailing mix pre-planted basket

Fuchsia Trailing Pre-Planted Basket from Suttons
Elegant trailing fuchsias make a striking basket display
Image: Fuchsia Trailing Pre-Planted Basket from Suttons

This vibrant mix of trailing fuchsias is available in both 20cm and 35cm hanging baskets for instant, hassle-free floral displays. Instantly boosting your kerb appeal, our Fuchsia Trailing Pre-Planted Baskets feature elegant trailing varieties of pink, purple and bright crimson blooms which reach a height of 30cm and a spread of 45cm. 

This mix was especially chosen for its suitability for hanging baskets. Do remember to water and feed your plants regularly, as well as to turn your baskets to ensure all the plants receive sufficient light to thrive. Deadheading also helps to encourage more blooms to emerge.

3. Geranium ‘Grandeur Power Red’ basket

Geranium ‘Grandeur Power Red’ Pre-Planted Hanging Basket from Suttons
These striking scarlet red geraniums add a welcome splash of colour to any garden
Image: Geranium ‘Grandeur Power Red’ Pre-Planted Hanging Basket from Suttons

If eye-popping flower power is your thing, you’ll love the extravagance of Geranium ‘Grandeur Power Red’. This ready-made hanging basket is planted with one of our favourite geraniums well-known for its big, bold scarlet blooms and vibrant green foliage. A bushy, upright variety, we’ve used it to create both 25cm and 35cm diameter hanging baskets.

When your geraniums arrive, give them time to acclimatise to their surroundings for about a week before hanging your basket in a sunny final position. As with all hanging baskets, your geraniums will appreciate regular watering and an occasional feed. 

4. Sherbert Lemon pre-planted hanging basket

Sherbert Lemon pre-planted hanging basket from Suttons
Our ‘Sherbert Lemon’ hanging basket grows into a ball of vibrant colour
Image: Sherbert Lemon pre-planted hanging basket from Suttons

For a flower mix that fizzes with colour and vitality, our Sherbert Lemon pre-planted hanging baskets are just the thing. A jazzy mix of verbena, lobelia and bidens, it combines white, yellow and purple to bring you a spectacle of colour and interest wherever you choose to hang it. 

This hanging basket is available in 25cm and 35cm diameters. It’s a great choice for anyone looking for a low-maintenance and beautifully balanced ball of colour. 

We hope you love these hanging baskets as much as we do. Whether you prefer ready-made or like to plant your own, head over to the Suttons blog for more information. Want some basket tips? Our article on how to choose the best hanging basket will get you off to a flying start. 

Lead image: Colour-themed Collection – Top Class from Suttons

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