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New Flowers for 2016!

Your copy of the Suttons Flowers & Vegetable Plant Catalogue 2016 should have been delivered by now. Bursting with traditional favourites and exciting new varieties the catalogue is worthy of a good browse with a cup of tea and a slice of any remaining Christmas cake.

Alternatively, the full range can be found and ordered online at

The new flower plant varieties this season are listed below. Simply click on the plant name to be taken to the details on our website.


Verbena F2 Quartz Mix
A brightly coloured blend of flower colours on compact plants. Very tolerant to bad weather.

Antirrhinum Antiquity Mix
Masses of fragrant blooms on every flower spike and narrow, dark-green, disease resistant foliage.
Also available with orange and white bi-coloured fragrant flowers.

Agapanthus Twister
A unique variety with white flowers blooming from a deep blue base.

Argyranthemum Pretty Daisies Collection
Vibrant daisy flowers on compact plants that bloom early and continue until the first frosts.

Helleborus Pink

Bacopa Secrets XXL Double Lavender
As the name would suggest, these pale lavender flowers are double and extra-large.

Allium in Orbit
Bees and butterflies will flock to these gorgeous lavender-purple blooms throughout summer.

Azalea Encore Starlite
A re-blooming azalea with white/power-pink star-shaped flowers with bright pink stripes and freckles! Stunning.

Azalea Encore Debutante
Another beautiful azalea providing elegant pink blooms in both spring and again in autumn.

Calibrachoa Chameleon
Stunning in baskets, container and borders this plant changes colour as the blooms and the season progress.

Geranium Thumping Heart

Cosmos Capriola
Stunning white flowers with light red picotee and dark red centres.

Cosmos White Knight
Tall stems bearing white flowers

Cosmos Rose Bonbon
A “must have” this year – beautiful powder-pink double blooms, great for borders and cutting.
Coreopsis Incredible Mix
The widest range of colours available, all with contrasting dark centres.

Coleus Kong
The king of coleus with giant leaves as large as your face!


Dahlia Nuit d’Ete
A dramatic dark maroon cactus dahlia

Geranium F1 Mint Choc
Chocolate coloured leaves edged with mint green and lovely candy and cherry pink flowers.

Geranium Thumping Heart
An easy to grow stunning perennial smothered in mauve flowers with a deep purple centre

Gladioli Black Star & Green Star
A combination of deep purple and lime green colours. Wow, what an impact!

Gaillardia Burgunder
Massive burgundy-red blooms tipped with yellow this perennial is perfect for cutting or enjoying in the garden, the bees will love it!


Gaillardia Sunset Mexican
Vibrant yellow blooms with a bright pink centre. Simply stunning.

Helleborus Double Ellen Purple
Beautiful purple double blooms. Looks stunning planted with Helleborus Double Ellen Pink

Helleborus Double Ellen Pink
Speckled double blooms in shades of pink, with darker pink freckles.

Lily Triumphator
Huge ivory-white scented trumpets with deep purple centres.

Nemesia Poetry
Sweetly scented blooms, perfect for hanging baskets

Aster Beauty Mix

Petunia Titan Giant Lavender
Scented flowers as large as the palm of your hand in a striking mix of purple and white shades

Portulaca Happy Trails Mix
Free flowering in a mix of sunny shades, perfect for baskets, pots or the border

Verbena Mickey
Stunning colour throughout the summer in a mix of blue, pink and purple. Wow!

Poppy Champagne Bubbles Mix
A fabulous pop of colour from early spring through to the end of summer.

Stachys Byzantina
Stunning soft silvery foliage and deep rose blooms


Verbena Santos Purple
One of the toughest and longest lasting perennials with fragrant purple pompon-like flowers

Lavender Bandera Purple
An improved, highly fragrant, French lavender

Aster Beauty Mix
A low-growing early flowering variety with masses of blooms in pinks, mauves and blues. A true carpet of colour.

Salvia New Dimensions
Intense blue and pink/purple spikes rising from compact plants to attract butterflies and bees

Lobelia Delft Blue
A perennial lobelia bearing spikes of intense blue flowers throughout the summer

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2 thoughts on “New Flowers for 2016!”

  1. Hi Keith, follow the general instructions for our bedding plants. If the weather is still cold where you live you may need to pot the plants up into a slightly larger pot and grow in a warm place such as a greenhouse or conservatory. Harden the plants off over a few days and plant into a pot or hanging basket, it spreads/trails approximately 50 cm.

  2. Keith Rogers says:

    Having received my plants, I find there is no reference to Caibrachoa Chameleon in cultural instructions, nothing! Check with another grower!

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