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Real Sunflower Lamps

Our team of horti experts travel the globe all year round and today, have made an exciting discovery in Germany which we’re thrilled to be sharing with the gardening nation here in the UK.

It’s the finding of varieties of flowers that are so phosphorescent they give sufficient light to read by.

Under proper conditions the flowers of the clematis glow like stars, while sunflowers, if correctly nurtured, make it quite possible to read a newspaper by their unaided light.

We can’t say too much at the moment, but it could be a combination of bio luminescent marine bacteria with a plant genus breeding programme to create varieties so phosphorescent that they appear to glow.

Just imagine stepping out into your garden after sunset and being able to sit down by the glow of your sunflowers…

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Article published 01.04.1901 / Republished 01.01.2019

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