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Suttons Musical Gardening Quiz

This year our Christmas quiz has a theme, that of music, making it a Musical Gardening Quiz!. When you start thinking it’s surprising just how much music has a link to gardening. So, when you are tired of charades, bored of watching TV but not quite ready for a snooze why not have a go at the following short quiz? Or maybe test the knowledge of your gardening chums.


1. Who liked the idea of gardening at night?
2. What colour was Tom Jones’ grass of home?
3. Whose garden did the Beatles sing about?
4. Tiny Tim asked visitors to …?
5. Which sisters told you not to sit under the apple tree?
6. Who sang “Digging in the Dirt”?
7. Where was Jimmie Rodgers?
8. Who did Charles Compton invite into the garden?

Fruit & Veg

1. What fruity hat did Prince wear?
2. Who sang about Green Onions?
3. Led Zeppelin were partial to which potatoes?
4. What did the Black Eyed Peas rock
5. Fats Domino sang about what hill?
6. Where were the Red Hot Chilli Peppers hiding?
7. The Osmonds felt that what wouldn’t spoil the whole bunch?
8. Name a fruity song by the Stanglers


1. The name and theme song of a Bette Midler film.
2. What duet accused each other of not bringing flowers anymore?
3. What was the first song ever played on Radio One?
4. Which Osmond sang about fragile roses?
5. In which year was Glenn Campbells song “Sunflowers” released?
6. What flower built the foundations?

Garden Bugs

1. Who composed The Flight of the Bumblebee?
2. Which insects did Adam sing with?
3. Miley Cyrus had a fly, where?
4. Muse sang about butterflies and …?
5. Which group were part insect and part horse?
6. Who sang about garden pests?

So, how well do you think you did in the 2016 Suttons Christmas Gardening Quiz? The answers will be posted on the blog next week so you’ve plenty of thinking and head-scratching time left.

Good luck!

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