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A Suttons Garden in Pakistan

Kalim Farooqui's gardenWe’re always pleased to see pictures of our seeds and plants and love to share them with our customers. Every so often we get some photos that take your breath away – and this collection of photos from Kalim Farooqui are definitely breathtaking.

Kalim has been a loyal customer of Suttons since 1983 when he used to buy the seeds from our (now closed) shop in central London and for the last 15 years he has been buying through our Garden Clubs Discount Scheme.

In his fantastic garden in Pakistan, Kalim creates these fantastic displays using only Suttons Seeds and the garden plays host to an Annual Garden Party which is attended by, among others, Britain’s Deputy High Commissioner to Karachi. It really is inspiring to all of us at Suttons to see our seeds achieve such spectacular results. The full album of photos is at 

Kalim Farooqui's gardenKalim Farooqui's garden

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