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Create an easy-care perennial border on a budget

With so many perennial border plants to choose from, it can be tricky to choose the right perennials for your garden. It’s a great idea to split the border into the front, middle and back section to help make picking your plants simpler. This narrows down your choice for each area and helps you to focus on what will work in each section.

Starting with the back of the border

This is where you would typically put the larger border plants, and they’re often quite architectural, tall and elegant.  We’d recommend going for perennial plants that will stand up tall and be seen and noticed above the plants in front.

Start by considering the width of the border and how tall you’d like to go, and then start thinking about your options.  Alceas, Delphiniums, Lupins and Verbena Bonariensis work really well and many of them are available in different colours, so you can have fun choosing the ones you like best. You can even take it a step further and plan your colours around the rest of your garden.

Back border perennial plants

Next is the middle of the border

The middle section is ideal for perennial border plants that don’t mind being in and around others, that are about medium in height, typically to around 70cm or 28” and ideally flower for a long period of time. Again, you’ll find a number of excellent opportunities for this section in our must have range – including the gorgeous Aquilegia and the Coreopsis, Gaillardia, Sweet Williams and Penstemons to name just a few that really will generate a lot of colour over many many months.  Many varieties in this section are also great in containers too!

Middle border perennial plants

Finally, the front of the border

This is probably the easiest section of your border to plant because it’s so accessible! Here, you are ideally looking for smaller, more compact perennial plants that may spill over the edges of a border onto a path, up to a lawn’s edge or even in the front of a container. They still need to earn their space with plenty of colour and interest but just on a smaller scale.

For this section, plants such as the Scabiosa, Salvia New Dimensions, Silene and for something a little different, in between paving, in gravel or a rockery or even on a green roof on a shed or guinea pig hutch the Sedum Little Urchins.  A lovely mix of different sedums providing a mix of colours and foliage.

Front border perennial plants

Click here to browse our perennial border plants and start planning yours!

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