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How to grow hemerocallis

Purple and cream hemerocallis

Hemerocallis, also known as daylilies, are hardy perennial plants that produce a series of exotic-looking flowers over a long period. While each individual bloom is short-lived, they appear in rapid succession from May to September, making them a hard-working and popular addition to summer borders. 

Available in a wide range of colours, hemerocallis can be bought as bare roots or container-grown plants. Browse our full range of bare root plants for even more cost-efficient ideas. 

Where to plant daylilies

Daylilies are happy in sun or part shade, and they cope with most types of soil, including clay. However, if you want them to thrive, they prefer a fertile, well-drained position in full sun, and dislike being waterlogged. If your plants aren’t flowering well, try moving them to a brighter spot or watering a little more during very dry spells. 

Herbaceous perennial varieties of hemerocallis die back over the winter while evergreen types provide all year round interest. Fully hardy, they’re also suitable for patio containers or planters. 

When to plant hemerocallis

Dark purple hemerocallis flower
This eye-catching black variety blooms from June to September
Image: Hemerocallis ‘Longfields Black Magic’ from Suttons

For the best results, plant your hemerocallis in autumn so they can establish themselves in plenty of time to flower strongly the following summer. You can also plant them in spring or summer, but you’ll need to keep them well-watered and apply a mulch to keep the soil moist.

Bare root varieties are sold from November through to March, and these should be potted up straight away and kept in an unheated greenhouse or cold frame for a few months until their dormant period has ended. Keep the compost moist and plant them out as soon as they’ve produced some healthy foliage and you’ve hardened them off. 

How to care for daylilies

Bright red Hemerocallis flowers
The bright red blooms of Crimson Pirate’ pair beautifully with grasses
Image: Hemerocallis ‘Crimson Pirate’ from Suttons

Daylilies are easy to grow and require little attention once established. Here are a few care tips to keep them looking good:

  • Protect young growth from slugs and snails.
  • Apply a general fertiliser such as ‘blood, fish and bone, or Growmore every spring, especially if you’re growing your plants in containers. 
  • Add a layer of mulch every spring to keep the soil moist.
  • Water young plants in dry spells and through the growing season. Container grown plants will need watering more regularly. 
  • Deadhead faded blooms. 
  • Lift and divide large established clumps every few years to reinvigorate your plants and keep them flowering. 

We hope this has given you all the information you need to grow daylilies in your own beds, borders and patio containers. Can’t decide which one to choose? Try our hemerocallis collection containing five different varieties. Find more expert advice on growing bare root plants in our helpful article.

Lead Image: Hemerocallis ‘Tropical Surprise’ from Suttons

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