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Morning Prayers – August 1914

Abby Hall

Until the mid-1900s morning prayers were held for Suttons employees every day at 10.30am. These brief 10-minute services were conducted by local ministers and lay preachers and held in Abbey Hall – a Suttons building large enough to accommodate nearly 1,000 people. Attendance was not compulsory.

On 9th August 1914 a staff notice was put up advising that ‘owing to Abbey Hall being used as a recreation room for soldiers, prayers will be held in the new museum. Hope all will attend’.

By October 1915 the number of people attending prayers had declined. The partners decided that 10.30 am was not convenient enough time and prayers were moved earlier and held from 9.45 or 10 am.

Suttons Seeds Buildings at Reading

WW1 Soldiers at Suttons

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