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A top tip when growing Sweetcorn

Sweetcorn is fantastic for BBQs and the tastiest sweetcorn you will ever eat is straight from the garden. Here’s a tip from Toby (the Trial Grounds guru) on how to grow sweetcorn…

As you can see from the pic, one row of sweetcorn is planted into the soil, and the other planted into the soil and then covered in mypex (black material or plastic).

The picture is not very clear, however you can see  just how much taller the sweetcorn in mulch is. I think this is proof that mulching with plastic really works. Another advantage of mulching is that it will stop weeds growing and hold moisture under the material, therefore meaning less watering.

I know it doesn’t look very pretty, but black plastic can be easily hidden with bark or gravel. A lot of vegetables really thrive on being mulched and it saves hours of weeding, which gives you more time for BBQs and sweetcorn!!!

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