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Flowering Garlic?

I’m still waiting for the garlic to ripen, and while inspecting it for any changes (I’m told that when the foliage goes yellow it’s ready) I noticed something strange, what looked like a leaf with a bump in the middle: a flower head.  This complicates matters, as if the garlic  flowers the bulbs stop swelling.  I pulled up the offending plant and the bulb is pungent but not that big, however, it is usable and, I suspect, will have a very powerful flavour.  I thought that was it but now all of the others have followed suit.   The accepted wisdom is to take off the flowers and allow the bulb to carry on growing, so I’ll give it a go.  I’m told they are edible and have a mild flavour (with no ‘garlic-breath’ side affects), good in salads apparently;  maybe they go well with chard…

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One thought on “Flowering Garlic?”

  1. Avatar Gardening Diva says:

    Ok, I can tell you that the flower stems are called ‘scapes’ and you should definately cut them before they flower or your garlic bulbs will be smaller. And they do taste lovely! It is my first year at growing them and trying them out so it was all very exciting!

    I was under the impression they were milder than the garlic itself but mine certainly were not!! I also found that if you took the outer membrane off before you chopped it, it was much less chewy! We used it to make garlic bread several times the week we cut them, plus added some raw to a big salad and threw them into a stew/casserole with great results. Really nice to have a crop before the actual garlic gets pulled!

    You can also chargrill them whole apparently like asparagus but mine were so strong I am not sure they would have been edible for most people done that way!

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