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Roasted Beetroot

BeetrootWe have a lot of beetroot ready right now and there is a limit to how much you can eat with salad so thought I would pass on one of my favourite beetroot recipes. Like most delicious things it is very simple!

Take a couple of beetroots, wash them and dry them and place in the oven in a roasting tray covered in foil. You don’t need to add any oil or anything at this stage.

Roast for a while – it could take a good hour – maybe even longer depending on how huge your beetroot are. Ours are fairly small so after about 30 mins I slide a knife in and if it goes in and back out easily then I know it is cooked through. Handle with oven gloves as they will be hot, and peel them and slice them.

Melt a little butter and pour it over and sprinkle a good handful of parmesan or strong cheddar cheese and a little salt and pepper and enjoy!

My mouth is watering already!

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One thought on “Roasted Beetroot”

  1. Susan Frudd says:

    Sounds delicious I will be trying the recipe especially like the idea of melted butter poured over. I have roasted beetroot using either balsamic vinegar or balsamic glazed poured over the beetroot then roasted that was delicious. Great to see beetroot being used in such different recipes….

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