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The Chard looks great! – Help, what do I do with it?

Chard - dramatic and easy to grow

Chard - dramatic and easy to grow

I decided to grow this vegetable because, 1) it looks great, and 2) it’s supposed to be easy.

It’s confirmed on both counts, chard looks spectacular and grows really easily, and unbelievably quickly.  So, what now?  I’m trawling recipe books and the net for easy recipes (don’t do complex things), to dispose of the chard mountain that’s rapidly getting out of control, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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2 thoughts on “The Chard looks great! – Help, what do I do with it?”

  1. Cherry Davies says:

    Any recipe for spinach will do, with the younger leaves I often make Indian ones. Take the stems chopped and lightly blanched for any stir-fry. The French cook bigger stems and add to a gratin. The Greek “spankopitta” combines chard with feta. egg and cream in a delicious pie with filo pastry!

  2. bodonnell says:

    Hey Julie, have a look at this recipe for Swiss Chard pesto

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