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The power of new super petunias

Pink Super Petunia (Beautical) Plants ‘Sunray Pink’ from Suttons with purple pot

Super petunias (Petchoa ‘Beautical’) are an exciting new hybrid of petunia and calibrachoa. The result is a high performing bedding plant that brings together the best of both traditional garden favourites. The new range contains five colours, from baby pink to deep cinnamon. Here’s why you should use them in hanging baskets, window boxes and mixed container plantings this season.

What’s so special about ‘super petunias’?

Closeup of Super Petunia (Beautical) Plants ‘French Vanilla’ from Suttons
Super petunia ‘French Vanilla’ flowers have lovely dark detail on the cream petals
Image: Super Petunia (Beautical) Plants ‘French Vanilla’ from Suttons

Here are the main reasons to be excited about our new super petunias:

  1. Longer flowering period – flowering from the end of May, these plants effortlessly produce blooms right up until the first frosts.
  2. Pot perfect flowers – super petunia flowers have non-sticky petals for easy deadheading.
  3. Rain resistant – the blooms stay pert, and the plants recover from rainfall quicker than other bedding. 
  4. Vigour – the leaves of this hybrid are mildew resistant, staying green and fresh all summer long.

Receive your super petunias as super plugs ready to pot on, or pop them straight into your display as garden ready plants. Their compact ‘medium’ habit means they’ll mature with a height of up to 30cm and spread of up to 50cm. 

What colours are available in the super petunia range?

Yellow blooms of Super Petunia (Beautical) Plants ‘Caramel Yellow’ from Suttons 
Super petunia ‘Caramel Yellow’ is a summer long source of sunshine 
Image: Super Petunia (Beautical) Plants ‘Caramel Yellow’ from Suttons

The flowers in this range all have lovely petal veining with a contrasting eye in the centre. Select a favourite colour combination from our five fantastic super petunia plant varieties:

  • Sunray Pink– bright baby pink with a yellow centre and dark veining.
  • Caramel Yellow– strong yellow that turns to caramel in the centre.
  • Cinnamon– gorgeous mix of burnt orange and sunset hues with a dark eye.
  • French Vanilla – cream flowers with pale yellow centres and dark veining.
  • Bordeaux – red flowers, which can change to purple in sudden temperature drops. 

We hope you’ve fallen in love with our new ‘super petunias’ as much as we have. We’d love to see what you do with your plants, so why not share a pic via our social channels. 

Lead image: Super Petunia (Beautical) Plants ‘Sunray Pink’ from Suttons

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