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August 2016 Newsletter



Let’s hope for a sunny August where we can throw open the doors and windows making the house and garden fully open to each other. Sure, there’s still some gardening jobs to be done but they involve no strenuous labour. Wandering around the garden deadheading faded blooms and cutting fresh ones to fill vases indoors can’t really be classed as chores. Plus, there’s all that eating to do of home-grown salad leaves, tomatoes, peas and more.

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  • Order autumn and spring flowering bulbs. Autumn varieties also need to be planted this month.
  • Pruning your wisteria this month will not only tidy it up but will also divert its energy from producing tendrils to producing flower buds for next year
  • Last chance to buy bedding plants to brighten your autumn, winter and spring garden
  • Rambling roses that have finished flowering can now be pruned
  • Continue picking sweet peas and removing any seed heads. Also mulch, feed and water. They’ll be finished all too soon.
  • Keep an eye on the level of water in your pond and top up from the hose when necessary. This will also help to oxygenate the water.
  • Water, feed, deadhead. Water, feed, deadhead. And keep repeating.
  • To avoid that empty garden winter look plant some evergreens
  • Some hardy annuals can be sown direct in their flowering positions meaning early flowers next spring/summer.
  • Sow lettuce, onion and pak choi seeds

August Catalogues

Our two August catalogues should hit your doormat during the second week of August. If they don’t arrive by 12th August, please get in touch and we’ll rush a free copy to you.
Bulb Catalogue also featuring winter bedding plants, perennials and shrubs.
5 FREE Tulip Double Rd Riding Hood bulbs free with every bulb order

Kitchen Garden Catalogue featuring vegetables, fruit and equipment. If you want to buy and plant asparagus plants to eat next spring, then here’s your chance!

Buying your daffodil bulbs from Suttons means you’ll be helping Marie Curie to continue supporting people living with a terminal illness, and their families. 10% of the sales of all daffodil bulbs from our latest catalogue will be given to support Marie Curie.
Last year we raised £5,000. This year we’d like to raise over £10,000!
Thank you for your support!

VIEW Bulb Catalogue  VIEW Kitchen Garden Catalogue


School Holidays

Small green fingered gardeners may like to visit our Children’s Corner. A blockbuster called Garden Pests is currently showing!

Cut Flowers

No need for shop bought flowers this month, just cut some from the garden. If you don’t want to ruin your display, then just select a few blooms here and there to form a mixed bouquet. You won’t miss them in the garden but you’ll certainly enjoy them in the house. View our cut flowers blog post.


augsut-sunflowerThose of you growing Suttons giraffe sunflower don’t forget your chance to win a cash prize for the tallest sunflower.

If we think you have then you will win its height in £1 coins, (that’s some bag of gold).

This year we have raised the winners pot and placed the coins on top of each other.

So instead of 1 metre = £44, 1 metre now = £308!

View last year’s winning sunflower here >


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