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February Newsletter

The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies, but never grows to the enduring happiness that the love of gardening gives.

~ Gertrude Jekyll

Our February Newsletter has arrived as February also comes around so very soon. It’s easy to ponder what the weather might bring this month and how to get prepared for March. This can prove a busy time of year for gardeners, as the gardening season is truly beginning to start. Equally the job list is growing, such as early sowings of flowers and vegetables. But, it’s also the time that soil can be warmed under a fleece ready for seed sowing, and you can get your propagators, trays and pots cleaned and ready too. Talking of cleaning, garden tools will be waiting for a clean, sharpen and any odd repairs if leftover from last season. 

The beginning of the new year means it is time to spare a thought for our lawns. February is the perfect time to start preparations for sowing new lawns, ready for the season ahead. If you find time on any milder, dry days, then get digging, weeding and mulching. Doing the groundwork for the months ahead is essential because spring is on the horizon and this will be the peak time of growing and nurturing your garden. Depending on where you live, primroses, muscari and iris reticulata will be in flower and daffodils will be strutting their jaunty stuff.

It’s still chilly in February, although some winter sun is often emerging, keep fleeces and protective netting nearby. You never know when the temperature might drop and frost passes by. 

Suttons 2021 Spring Planner is soon to arrive on the 27th February so expect it through the post very soon. If you do not receive your free copy, then please order one via our website and keep up to date with new varieties and exclusive products! 

In this month’s February newsletter, we are going to be taking you through handy February garden tips, seeds to sow including flowers and veg, this month’s offers and much more. Fancy more? make sure to stick around because we have got an exclusive Valentine’s Day competition for you to enter right here, right now!

February newsletter top tips of the month

Every month we like to give you the best tips in the garden there is. In this months February Newsletter, it looks like there’s plenty of tidying up to do in the garden!

  1. In areas where the weather is milder, perennial plants that had been in clumps could be divided and the outer, young, healthy parts replanted into freshly prepared soil.
  2. Fleece or fine mesh netting is an ideal way of protecting vulnerable plants from severe frost. Our organic fruit and potato fertiliser may be sprinkled around fruit trees and bushes.
  3. Tackle weeds now and your summer workload will be much reduced. Just take care where you step to avoid any bulbs that are poking their noses up.
  4. Prune hybrid tea and shrub roses this month. They will flower on this season’s stems, so prune them hard, cutting just above a bud and removing all weak, damaged and crossing stems.
  5. Lily bulbs planted now, in containers, will have plenty of time to grow in preparation for a magnificent summer display.
  6. Pot up your over-wintered dahlia tubers to start them into growth.
  7. Order Suttons summer bedding plug plants now, taking advantage of the Pick & Mix offers.
  8. Buddleia can be pruned hard this month, cutting right back to a pair of healthy buds.
  9. Any shrubs or flowers that may have become too large for where they are at present can be moved to a new position during February.
  10. Outdoor grape vines should be pruned so that last year’s fruited shoots will be shortened therefore encouraging new growth.

Fancy more? As much as our February newsletter is full of handy info, check out our Monthly Garden Advice for more tips, tricks and jobs to do each month!

February Flowers to Sow 

Unsure of which flowers to sow in February? Our February newsletter is packed full of options this month! It is time to make early sowings of many summer bedding plants, such as geranium, petunia, impatiens (busy lizzie) and nicotiana along with some perennials. 

February newsletter Sweet pea seeds sublime scent mix

Sweet Pea Seeds – Sublime Scent Mix

Combining the best of attributes, a blend of the finest new colours available with extra flowers – the effect is sublime! Strong fragrance, long stems for cutting, and increased numbers of flowers – what more could you wish for?

February newsletter cosmo seeds white knight

Cosmos Seeds – White Knight

Strong, stout stems bear a profusion of pretty white flowers with a pale pink blush. It has a “Sea Shells” type flower form (sometimes bearing singles and doubles on the same plant) and makes an enchanting cut flower. 

February newsletter Himalayan poppy seeds lingholm

Himalayan Poppy Seeds – Lingholm

Breathtaking poppy-like flowers will light up your garden year after year. A dramatic, clump-forming, much admired plant.

New Flower Seed

February newsletter cosmo seeds tango

Cosmos Seeds – Tango

Cosmos Seeds – Tango are truly a beautiful variety of cosmos. Cosmos are a favourite amongst gardeners with delightful, daisy like flowers and feathery foliage adding a much needed boost of texture, movement and vibrant colours to your flower beds and flower borders. The vibrant colour of the Cosmos Seeds – Tango will really stand out above the rest. Bright orange colours with paler streaks along the petals will most definitely catch your eye.

Longstanding Flower Seed

February newsletter sweet pea seeds kingfisher

Sweet Pea Seeds – Kingfisher

Will produce masses of large, waved, delicately coloured blooms over a long period. And whether you enjoy them in the garden, or cut them for a vase, they will fill the air with their delicious strong scent! 

February Veg to Sow

Thinking about which veg to sow in February? According to our February newsletter, it’s now the time to sow early carrot, parsnip and broad beans outside. In a greenhouse or a warm propagator, sow chillies, cabbage, celery, parsley, peppers, tomato, leek and onion seeds. 

February newsletter aubergine seeds black beauty

Aubergine Seeds – Black Beauty

Black Beauty is an excellent quality aubergine producing sturdy plants and an abundant crop of large, tasty, purple-black, pear-shaped fruit. 

February newsletter artichoke seeds purple de provence

Artichoke Seeds – Purple de Provence

This superb purple variety is finer tasting than green varieties. It’s as ornamental as it is edible, and is ideal for a variety of situations, and is loved by bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects. 

February newsletter tomato seeds shimmer f1

Tomato Seeds – Shimmer F1

A unique coloured tomato with red, green and gold stripes. Almond shaped fruit, bigger than a cherry type but smaller than a Roma tomato. Very sweet and fruity, it came high in our recent taste tests.

New Veg Seed

February newsletter pepper chilli seeds longhorn f1

Pepper Chilli Seeds – Longhorn F1

The Longhorn is a long chilli (15-25cm) with a distinct ‘curl’ at the end. A cayenne variety, plants will yield copious amounts of spicy fruits. These chillies can withstand intense heat/sun without damage to the fruit. Seriously productive 100cm plants may need a little support with the weight of all the fruit.

Longstanding Veg Seed

February newsletter pepper chilli seeds jalepeno

Pepper Chilli Seeds – Jalapeno

The unique flavour works perfectly when sliced onto a pizza or to spice up a simple sandwich. When in a green state the Jalapeno is great to eat but becomes a little sweeter when they turn red. Suitable for glasshouse or outdoor production. Height: 120-130cm (48-52″). Rating 2,500-5,000 SHU!

Offers This Month

Whether you’re looking for bumper bedding packs, tasty fruit and veg or garden furniture to sit back and enjoy your outdoor space, we have an offer for you which you can check out straight from our February newsletter. You’ll find the best offers from our catalogues, alongside last-minute deals and exciting seasonal sales.

February newsletter veg offers

There’s only one thing more satisfying than growing your own vegetables, and that’s growing your own veg when you’ve bought it for a bargain! Grow more for less with our offers at Suttons!

February newsletter flower offers

Whether it’s the perfect perennials for your flower beds & borders or pots for your patio plants, choosing new flowers is part of the fun of gardening, and who doesn’t love a bargain?

February newsletter fruit offers

There’s something exciting about growing fruit plants at home, and our fruit offers mean you can try something different for less. From soft berries to crunchy apples, you’ll find them here!

February newsletter equipment offers

Transforming your outside spaces is even easier with the amazing deals we have on gardening equipment. From garden furniture & tools to hanging baskets & feeds, you’ll find it here!

Social Posts of the Month #MySuttonsJourney

We like to feature our gardening community in our monthly newsletter and we’ve had a lot to work with within our February newsletter! Above all, usually, the first month of the year is a quiet one in the garden, but you’ve proved us wrong with some inspiring social posts. To those daring to take on the Luffa Challenge, organising overflowing seed tins, and receiving mystery parcels packed full of goodies, you’ve certainly blossomed into the New Year. 

Below are our top 5 social posts of the month and if you would like the chance to be featured in next month’s newsletter, simply tag us and use the hashtag #MySuttonsJourney. 

Follow us on our social media pages and if you tag us with our hashtag, you could be featured in our next monthly newsletter!

Pancake Day

The 16th of February brings us Shrove Tuesday and pancakes will be tossed aplenty. Equally, we all have our favourite toppings, some sweet and some sour, but can the simple sugar and lemon really be beaten? Not if the lemon you squeeze onto that eggy delight has been homegrown. However, lemon is no longer the only pancake staple, and there are some exciting new recipes you can try this year featured in our February newsletter!

Grow Your Own Pancake Topping


Lovely Lemon trees are simple to grow, smell delicious and mean you’ll always have a fresh lemon to plop into your gin or squeeze over your pancake.

February newsletter lemon tree

Your lemon tree will live happily in a decent sized pot and will enjoy spending the summer on the patio and the winter in a conservatory or heated greenhouse. Available to order now, our lemon trees will be delivered in April.

Herb Pancake

A super easy idea with your homegrown goodies is to create savoury pancakes this February. Alternatively, these herb pancakes are a delicious brunch too!

What You Need

25 g (1oz) butter, melted

25 g (1oz) plain flour

Salt and ground black pepper

1 large egg

100 ml (31⁄2fl oz) milk

30 ml (2 level tbsp) chopped parsley

15 ml (1 level tbsp)

chopped chives

Butter for frying

February newsletter herb pancake

Step 1: place melted butter in a bowl with sifted flour, salt, pepper, egg and half of the milk. Whisk the mixture together until smooth and then mix in the remaining milk and your chopped herbs. Cover the bowl and refrigerate for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Step 2: Heat a very little amount of butter in a flat pan, pour in about 30ml (2tbsp) batter, swirl round to make a thin even pancake and, once brown, turn over to colour equally on the second side. Repeat the process with all of the remaining batter. This quantity should roughly four equal pancakes. Cover and set aside.

Step 3: Eat fresh and enjoy! Pair with you desired sauces, we think sour cream tastes delicious!

Potato Pancake

Using your homegrown spuds, you can mash them up and make delicious and healthy potato pancakes! Not to mention, these definitely taste amazing when accompanied with bacon and maple syrup!

What You Need

250g cold mashed potato , or 2 medium-size floury potatoes to make into mash.

75g plain flour

1 tsp baking powder

2 large eggs

125ml milk

1 tbsp cut chives

1 tsp sunflower oil

Small amount of butter

Your toppings – eggs and bacon reccomended

February newsletter potato pancake

STEP 1: If you’ve got your own potatoes but they have yet to be mashed mash, cook them in boiling water until tender. Drain well and press through a potato ricer or mash. Weigh out 250g and cool. If you have left over mash already then it will be perfect for these scrumptious pancakes.

STEP 2: Sieve the flour and baking powder onto your cooled mash. Whisk eggs and milk together and add to the potato mix with your chives. Whisk the batter until smooth.

STEP 3: Heat a large frying pan over a medium heat and add ½ tsp sunflower oil and a small amount of butter. When the pan is hot enough, start to cook the pancakes. Add 1 tbsp of batter for each pancake and cook 4 at a time. Cook for about 1 min until the underside is golden brown and small bubbles appear.

STEP 4: Flip the pancakes and cook until golden. Cook the remaining batter the same way. Serve the pancakes in stacks with your desired topping like eggs or bacon.

Strawberry Fruit Seeds

Strawberries are a classic on pancakes and you could grow your own!

Valentine’s Day Competition

It’s the month of love and we’re looking to spice things up with a fiery Valentines competition! To celebrate the front of our 2021 Gardening Catalogue, we’re inviting you to share your recipes for a ‘hot date night’. The cover features the Chilli Longhorn F1 which is a flavoursome cayenne variety weighing in 15,000 – 20,000 SHU in heat! The top three recipes will win a selection of fiery Chilli Pepper Seeds including the EXCLUSIVE Chilli Longhorn F1, Bamboo Seed Pots and Plant Labels.

February newsletter valentines day competition

To enter

  1. Head to our Facebook or Instagram
  2. Tag us in your recipe 
  3. Like the post & follow our page 
  4. The more the merrier – Tag a friend below who likes the heat!

Our favourite recipes which fall short on the prize will be shared in next month’s newsletter. 

Terms & Conditions

  1. The promoter is Suttons, part of Suttons Consumer Products Ltd, Woodview Road, Paignton Devon TQ4 7NG
  2. No purchase is necessary to enter this campaign.

  • This competition is open to persons aged 18 or over on the date of the draw, or persons under 18 with the expressed consent of their parent/guardian. Employees or agents of Suttons Consumer Products Ltd, their families or other persons connected with this promotion are not eligible to enter.
  • Entries must either be submitted via this webform or via our Social Media Accounts by tagging us.
  • There will be three winning recipes, selected by an internal panel, and the owners of those images will each receive a hamper of fiery gifts. These recipes and other chosen recipes will be shared on Suttons social media channels and an ‘album’ will be created on our blog.
  • By submitting your image into the “Valentine’s Day Competition” you are agreeing that your image can be used across all Suttons Consumer Products Ltd’s brands, for any purpose.
  • No cash alternative will be offered.
  • The owners of the chosen images agree to take part in reasonable post-event publicity and to the use of their name and photograph in such publicity.
  • By submitting your image, you are agreeing to receive occasional emails from Suttons, from which can you unsubscribe at any time.
  • By submitting your image, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  • The promoter reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by English law. Entry to the competition shall be deemed full and unconditional acceptance of the terms & conditions.
  • Entries must be submitted by 10.02.2021 and the winners will be announced on the 14.02.2021
  • New Roses to Grow

    Also, in the light of St Valentine’s Day, roses are closely linked – a gift of a rose plant lasts so much longer (and is so much cheaper!). Roses are the most traditional and celebrated of flowering garden plants and are regularly voted Britain’s favourite flower. Their scent and colour, not forgetting their rich heritage, places them at the heart of gardeners and florists across the world.

    Allotment Tips 

    allotment tips

    Do you or someone you know own an allotment and want to find out helpful hints and tips each month? Lee Senior is an experienced horticultural writer, RHS Yorkshire in Bloom judge and horticultural consultant, who writes a monthly entree on allotment tips each month for Suttons blog. Besides our handy February newsletter, Lee tackles everything from growing veg, controlling pests and making the most out of your sheds, greenhouses and garden tools.

    We hope our February newsletter gives you plenty to keep busy in the garden throughout February and make sure you come back next month to start the busiest gardening season. Spring will be here!

    Join the Suttons community today and take us with you on your gardening journey – #MySuttonsJourney

    In addition, browse our latest blog posts for gardening advice, how-to guides and insights into new products.

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    1. Katie Brunt says:

      Hi Bill, that’s a nice selection of seeds you are growing there and it sounds like you care for them well. Good luck on the allotment as we start to move towards spring!
      Best regards,
      The Suttons Team

    2. Bill Lumsden says:

      I’ve bought a selection of packets of wildflower seeds to plant in my lawn joining dwarf daffodils, crocuses and snowdrops.
      Annual mowing and careful picking of flowers and lots of insects – I hope.
      My back garden is laid out as an allotment.

    3. Katie Brunt says:

      Hi Pet, unfortunately, we don’t have Giraffe Sunflower as plug plants, but we do offer them as Seeds! why not give it a go? follow the link below.—giraffe_133160
      We hope this has been helpful to you and good luck.
      Best regards,
      The Suttons Team

    4. Pet says:

      Have u any plugs giraffe sunflower

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