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10 A-May-Zing Bank Holiday Offers!

Mixed summer bulbs

It’s the perfect time of year to spruce up your garden and fill it with colourful plants and flowers. Our Bank Holiday offers will make it easier than ever to pick your favourites and get your outside space ready for those summer barbecues. You’ll find everything from beautiful begonias to potted grafted veg, so here are 10 of our special offers…

30 Begonias for £9.99 (save 50%)

This pack of 30 garden-ready Begonia plugs has been carefully put together to make your garden breathtaking. From the dark leaves of the moody Mocca to bright, happy oranges, this little lot combine vibrant and contrasting colours to create instant impact.Grafted tomatoes

3 Grafted Tomato Blight Resistant Plants for £9.98 (save 33%)

All those summer salads are going to need juicy tomatoes, and this collection of 3 10cm potted tomato plants will keep you going. Grafted to produce impressive yields of yummy large tomatoes, these blight-resistant plants are perfect.

54 Perennial Garden Plants for £75 (save 50%)

How about our Complete Perennial Garden collection for half price? With 54 summer Perennials to give you flowers year after year, this pack makes it quick and easy to fill your borders with gorgeous varieties that blend together effortlessly. You’ll receive 54 plants in 9cm pots.

40 Impatiens Star Mix for £8.99 (save 50%)

Impatiens Star Mix

Low maintenance, and heat and shade tolerant, these pretty little plants put on a display of star-patterned flowers for the whole summer. We love the fact they they’ll be happy in the sun or the shade, so you can position them wherever you think they’ll look best and then get ready to show them off this summer.

Table and 2 folding chairs for £99.99 (save 23%)

A gorgeous garden deserves a new table and chairs so you can sit back and enjoy all those blooms. The Havana Lattice Bistro Set has an elegant design, and the folding chairs save space in between those afternoon teas on the lawn. See, we’ve thought of everything.

Container Medlar Fruit Tree for £12.49 (save 50%)

Think you don’t have the space for a fruit tree? Think again guys. Perfect for those of you keen to grow your fruit in a container, this compact Medlar Fruit Tree produces fruit with an unusual truffle-like flavour. Ideal for containers, this fruit tree will be supplied in a 4 litre pot.

Mixed Summer Bulbs

Lucky Dip Mixed Summer Bulbs for £15 (save 75%)

Whether you’re after bulbs to grow in containers or in your beds and borders, our last chance Lucky Dip Bulbs include begonias, lilies and dahlias – amongst other favourites. This collection’s worth over £60.

12 Potted Grafted Veg Plants for £30 (save 50%)

Keep those plates filled with fresh veg summer, with our collection of 12 Potted Grafted Veg plants. Not only are these varieteies fab for the allotment, but they’re also ideal for your garden and containers too. Grafting means they’ll produce up to 75% more produce (and they’re more resistant to disease). Supplied in 10cm pots.

36 Bumper Basket Collection Plugs for £35 (save 27%)

Raised Planting Bed

With enough plugs to fill 6 standard hanging baskets, our Bumper Basket Collection includes 6 beautiful varieties to help you create gorgeous hanging baskets this summer. Brighten your garden with hanging bursts of colour, with 36 plugs.

Raised Bed for £99.00 (buy one get one free)

Suitable for all types of vegetable, herbs and flowers, this clever raised bed reduces the need to bend and stoop when weeding and planting. Made from super-strong steel, this planter can be assembled in one of 6 shapes, so you’re free to pick the one that suits your garden.

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  1. I have purchased some Nemesia painted rose plants, also Easter Bonnet. But I cannot find any instructions on planting them on the Sutton’s website. could you advice please.

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