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Suttons’ New Plants 2021 – Suttons Introduce NEW Showstopping Shrubs!

Suttons introduce a selection of showstopping shrubs to their 3-litre range for 2021, bringing the exciting and brand-new, which showcase the latest in breeding advances. There are flowers both huge and spectacular, hard workers to provide repeat flowering and long-lasting blooms in an array of beautiful colours perfect for stunning displays for a standout summer garden.

Shrubs Once Seen Never Forgotten!

Suttons introduces brand new Escallonia Showstopper to the market!

This game-changer brings together the latest in breeding advances resulting in a total showstopper, taking flowers from Pink Elle – a game-changer in its own right – combined with an outstanding habit means Escallonia Showstopper is the only one to feature these types of flowers on a mounded plant of its Genus.

Escallonia Showstopper
Code: 20 01 36
1x 3L
Flowers: June, July and September

Latest breeding brings together fabulous colour and form!

An amazing introduction which encompasses the larger, more outstanding flowers of some of the newest breeding within this genera with a bushy, compact and almost mound-forming variety to produce great domes of summer colour. The deep pink fading to light pink into the centre of each of the small flowers which make up the large balls of flowers at multiple places along the stem creating a real ‘Showstopper’.

Pink to make the bees wink!

Bees and butterflies will spend hours dipping and diving ‘til dizzy amongst the abundance of beautiful pink flowers on offer here. Happy placed in full sun Escallonia will take prime position in beds and borders and produce an equally striking feature in a pot to display on your patio.

Size does matter!

Suttons couldn’t resist introducing this fabulous shrub Hydrangea Pan. Hercules to the range. Larger than life this beauty is bursting with spectacular super-sized blooms for a show of flowers like no other to produce a stunning feature in summer gardens this year.

Hydrangea Pan. Hercules
Code: 20 01 26
1x 3L
Flowers: July to September

The hero of the pack

Named after the fabled Greek hero Hercules, this very special shrub shows off its strength in both size and durability. Like its namesake, it will stand the test of all types of conditions being happy in sun or shade and show how it is quite the spectacle in any garden. What’s more, these can be used as a cut flower and make stunning displays in a vase around the home.

The largest we’ve ever seen!

Blooms to make you stop and stare, not just big they’re really big and totally gorgeous! Its huge, spectacular plumes are bursting with large softly shaded green blooms which give Hydrangea ‘Hercules’ its name, growing up to 40cm each – the largest we’ve ever seen!

Other new showstopping shrubs include …

The Look of Wisteria without the Work!

Buddleja dav. Wisteria Lane is a butterfly bush both rare and scented. Its long, weeping flowers will have the butterflies flocking as well as the envious eyes of all your neighbours!

buddleja dav. wisteria lane
Code: 20 01 23
1x 3L
Flowers: July to October

A weeping wonder!

This new and still quite rare butterfly bush features really long pendant shaped flowers, which will reach up to 50cm in length and hang wisteria-like from the branches. Capturing the wonderful look of a wisteria flower but without the work that comes with it – this shrub is a bush with a problem free philosophy, which won’t be hard to prune or manage.

Versatile and easy going

A versatile shrub happy growing in sun or shade and with a relatively compact form, it can be grown in a large patio pot providing a stand-alone feature, but it also looks great in a mixed border or can be used to create an informal screen.

Brings a bounty for butterflies & bees

Both honey scented and good looking, who could resist? It certainly sounds delightful attracting lots of species of butterflies as well as bees into your garden.

Putting on a Show!

Having been shortlisted for the 2019 Plant of the Year award at the Chelsea Flower Show, the Weigela flor. Picobella Rosa is definitely one to add to your summer garden wish list. This stunner really puts on quite a show as you can see below!

weigela flor
Code: 20 01 34
1x 3L
Flowers: May to October

Striking foliage and flowers!

picobella rosa

Compact and cute with a combination of fine green foliage and hot pink trumpet-shaped blooms, Weigela flor. Picobella Rosa is a very striking addition to the garden or can be used as a cut flower in the home. Happy growing in sun or shade its perfect for a front of border position or ideal for a pot in a shady spot.

A real hard worker!

Putting in maximum effort, this shrub is a real hard worker and the rewards are repeat flowering bringing an abundance of fabulous flowers for many months. Without interval, the show continues from May right through to October to provide 6 whole months of brilliant blooms.

All new showstopping shrubs featured are available to order online now.

If you’re looking for new varieties of flower plants and showstopping shrubs for your garden, you have come to the right place! Each year, Suttons’ expert growers introduce many new – often award-winning – flower plants into our range, with quality guaranteed. Browse our new varieties and grow something new!

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