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Suttons Introduces the First Blight Resistant Cherry Tomato – Crimson Cherry F1!

Suttons introduces a fabulous new cherry tomato Crimson Cherry F1 to their ever-popular Crimson Family this year, bringing with it even more choice of those brilliant blight busting varieties that customers love.

Brits love to grow their own tomatoes with cherry varieties being a favourite – Suttons gardeners took delight in sowing over half a million ‘Gardeners Delight’ (code: 82142) tomato seeds during the first lockdown of this year, which made this popular cherry variety the bestselling tomato in this 15-week period.

Suttons introduces the first cherry tomato with the ability to shrug off even the worst blight!

This cherry variety won’t be fazed, being resistant to both early and late blight, and has good resistance to Fusarium and Verticillium. This makes it a most welcome addition for all who love to grow tomatoes bringing the joys of successful crops to all.

crimson cherry f1
Crimson Cherry F1 Seed
Code: 18 24 43
Sow: Late February-April

Also available as grafted super plugs and plants.

3 Super Plugs
Code: 25 32 50
Delivery from 12th April 2021

1 x 10cm Potted Plant
Code: 25 32 55
Delivery from 17th May 2021

Great to grow in all garden spaces!

You don’t need to grow Crimson Cherry F1 in a greenhouse – these can be grown across all types of garden spaces from allotment beds and vegetable patches to container and small space growing. Perfect on the patio providing a great go-to cherry tomato in perfect arms’ reach to pick on the go and as a healthy snack perfect for lunchboxes.

Its neat, cherry-sized fruits are packed with the good stuff! Full of vitamins and minerals that promote excellent health, providing a healthy hit of vitamin C, which plays a major part in many vital body functions.

Sweet as a cherry and perfectly sized to pop in your mouth!

Featuring great flavour and sweetness (9 Brix) this cherry variety delivers a satisfying ‘tang’ which will leave you going back for more. But don’t worry about running out – being perfect for growing in the UK climate means they’ll keep coming until the first frosts outside and longer if grown in a greenhouse or tunnel so plenty of harvesting time to enjoy all its deliciousness!

Enjoy them fresh straight from the garden in all your favourite summer salads or enjoy grilled or fried in a little olive oil with fresh basil – serve on toast for a healthy weekend breakfast or create a lovely sweet side dish great with a bowl of creamy pasta. Add to a variety of summer quiches and tarts for pops of sweet tomato flavour.

If you end up with more than you know what to do with you can sun dry, roast, pickle or marinate them to keep you going back for more long after summer has ended.

New Crimson Plum F1 – Seriously Good Sauce!

Also joining the Crimson family new for this year is Tomato Crimson Plum F1 – the first fully blight-resistant plum tomato from seed!

crimson plum f1
Crimson Plum F1 Seed
Code: 18 24 42
Sow: February-April

Also available as plugs and plants.

3 x Super Plugs
Code: 26 50 44
Delivery from 12th April 2021

1 x 10cm Potted Plant
Delivery from 17th May 2021
Code: 26 50 42

Crimson Plum F1 is a saucy number and just the thing to tickle your taste buds. A ‘Roma’ style tomato with a rich, deep flavour and early ripening from July through to October, with solid, meaty flesh and very few seeds, making it the perfect cooking tomato for creating a whole array of homemade sauces and family meals.

The Crimson Family

Whether you’re a new lockdown gardener looking to try some additional varieties or a hardy fruit and veg grower, our new blight resistants’ ‘Crimson Cherry F1’ and ‘Crimson Plum F1’ are sure to be a popular choice for growing in gardens and allotments this year.

Crimson Cherry F1 and Crimson Plum F1 join Crimson Crush F1 (code: 182440 – £4.49), Crimson Blush F1 (code: 181380 – £4.49) and Crimson Cocktail F1 (code: 182441 – £4.49) to keep all who are passionate about home-grown tomatoes well stocked with one of the nation’s favourite home-grown fruits.

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