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Rose Facts Through The Ages

Whilst waiting for your Suttons roses to arrive here’s some rose facts through the ages. This mild weather is delaying the autumn despatch of our bare-rooted roses. We had planned to despatch from October but they are not yet dormant. So, the roses will instead be lifted in late October and despatched from November. Sorry but you can’t hurry nature. That’ s a fact!

Ancient Facts

The world’s oldest living rose bush is at Hildesheim Cathedral in Germany. It is believed to be over 1000 years old.

According to legend, the rose was thornless until Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden

The Romans dropped rose petals into their wine in the belief that it would delay drunkenness.

Nero was fanatical about roses and once spent the equivalent of £4,500 on roses. All just for a single banquet

The Crusaders brought roses back to England with them from the middle east.

Rose windows in churches were probably inspired by a rose window at the Mosque of Ibn Touloun in Cairo

The beautiful rose window in York cathedral has the inscription “As the rose is the flower of flowers, this is the house of all houses.”

Since the middle ages rose-water has been used in perfumes, cosmetics and medicines.

Not so Ancient Facts

It takes 60,000 rose petals to give one ounce of rose oil.

France was the main producer of rose perfumes. In 1812 the French perfume industry was worth over 12 million francs

The Wars of the Roses was between the House of York and the House of Lancaster and was named after the white and red roses each side used as their heraldic symbols.

Henry VII created the Tudor Rose symbol by mounting the white rose of York inside the red rose of Lancaster.

When James VI of Scotland became James I of England he symbolised the union on his heraldic badge by vertically joining together a thistle and a Tudor Rose.

More Recent Facts

During WW2 the Ministry of Health launched a campaign to encourage people to make rose-hip syrup as rose hips contain 400% more vitamin C than oranges which were anyway in short supply.

In 1998 a specially bred miniature rose, Overnight Scentsation, was sent into space on board the shuttle Discovery. It was discovered that the scent of a rose in space is different to that of the same rose on earth. As a result a perfume named Zen has been developed, the “space rose”.

Today roses are one of the most popular plants with over 150 million roses being purchased worldwide every year. So, if you haven’t yet ordered any why not take a look at our range? We’ve a rose for every garden.



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