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Win Suttons New 2024 Vegetable Seeds

This competition has now closed but thank you to all those who took part. Congratulations goes out to our winner, Lucinda B.

Keep an eye on our social channels or ‘Competitions’ page for future giveaways. And in the meantime, take a quick peek at a selection of our exciting new vegetable seeds.

Treat your tastebuds with Suttons’ new vegetable seeds

Looking to change up your harvest this year and grow something out of the ordinary? Say hello to our new 2024 vegetable seed range. With a mixture of unusual seeds sitting alongside breakthroughs in vegetable breeding, all our products have been handpicked by our expert nursery team to guarantee a quality that you’ve come to expect from Suttons.

Here are just six of our favourite new vegetable seeds from Suttons 2024 range: 

1. Carrot ‘Black Nebula’

Black coloured carrots on table
Carrot ‘Black Nebula’ produces long straight roots of around 15-25cm in length
Image: Carrot ‘Black Nebula’ from Suttons

As the darkest-coloured carrot available on the market, ‘Black Nebula’ is sure to add something special to your dishes. Owing its unusual hue to the high concentration of health-boosting anthocyanins, this carrot has a good earthy flavour and produces long-tapering roots up to 25cm long. Use in salads, or juice down into a highly nutritious smoothie.

2. Radish ‘Royal Purple’

Hand holding purple radishes
Enjoy snacking on these sweetly flavoured radishes throughout the summer
Image: Radish ‘Royal Purple’ from Suttons

Easy to grow, and ready to harvest in just 33 days, Radish ‘Royal Purple’ is a crunchy variety that can be eaten raw or cooked. Producing large round roots with a mild, sweet flavour, ‘Royal Purple’ also makes an excellent snack. Start succession sowing from February and enjoy crops all summer long.

3. Tomato ‘Heartbreakers Vita’ F1

Heart shaped cherry tomatoes on table
Cut open Tomato ‘Heartbreaker Vita’ to reveal the heart-shaped form
Image: Tomato ‘Heartbreakers Vita’ F1 from Suttons

Love cherry tomatoes? Try the unusual heart-shaped fruit of ‘Heartbreakers Vita’. With excellent vigour, this bush tomato produces plenty of sweet-tasting fruit from late June onwards, adding a touch of whimsy to pizza toppings, caprese salads, or enjoyed straight from the plant. Grow in patio pots, window boxes or in a greenhouse.

4. Sweet Pepper ‘Liberty Belle’ F1

Patio-sized dwarf yellow sweet peppers in basket
Sweet pepper ‘Liberty Belle’ produces a bountiful crop of large peppers throughout the summer
Image: Sweet Pepper ‘Liberty Belle’ F1 from Suttons

A vigorous dwarf variety, this hybrid sweet pepper produces large fruits, despite its small size. Perfect for patio containers, ‘Liberty Belle’ has excellent heat tolerance, meaning it can withstand intense temperatures without disease or damage, producing hefty peppers throughout the summer and into autumn. Grow ‘Liberty Belle’ in a greenhouse, or even on a sunny balcony or a sheltered patio.

5. Cucumber ‘Party Time’ F1

Person holding mini cucumbers
Harvest these snack-sized cucumbers from June onwards
Image: Cucumber ‘Party Time’ F1 from Suttons

A prolific cropper known for producing 3-4 fruits every few days, Cucumber ‘Party Time’ is a snack-sized cucumber that packs a big punch. Resistant to powdery mildew, these mini cucumbers are perfect for lunchboxes, pickling, or adding to your water for a burst of freshness. And with a really long harvest period, you can enjoy these tasty cucumbers throughout summer and into autumn. Can be grown in a greenhouse or in a warm and sheltered spot outside. 

6. Tagetes ‘Dropshot’

Basket of green tagetes herbs
Flavour a wide variety of dishes with this aromatic herb
Image: Tagetes ‘Dropshot’ from Suttons

Calling all liquorice lovers – if you enjoy aniseed, Tagetes ‘Dropshot’ is the aromatic herb for you! Versatile, and with a depth of flavour that’s fast becoming popular in culinary circles, this member of the marigold family can be used in desserts, drinks, main dishes and salads. Forming low, cushion-like mounds that are perfect for containers or border edges, harvest from July until the first frosts.

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