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Alstroemeria – The plant that doesn’t know when to stop flowering!

Alstroemeria plant


If your garden was about to be destroyed which plant would you save? Without a doubt my choice would be the alstroemeria.

Flowering from early May through to the first frosts alstroemeria adds height, colour and interest and seems to shrug off the pests and diseases that attack neighbouring plants. Even when cut and brought into the house the blooms seem to last forever.

With about 150 cultivars alstroemeria come in a variety of heights with an enormous range of colours. Some compact cultivars are even suitable for tubs and containers.

All alsrtoemeria seems to need to thrive is free draining soil in a fairly sunny spot. Once established they are pretty hardy but some mulch as protection for the first couple of winters is a good idea. Alstroemeria planted in tubs will need winter protection.

So, perish the thought but just for a moment imagine your garden is about to be destroyed. Which plant will you save and why?

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