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The Best Tasting Tomatoes

Growing your own is more than just being self-sufficient. It’s about growing varieties that are not readily available in shops and supermarkets, varieties that may not lend themselves to being produced on a mass commercial scale, but ones that taste amazing.

Tomatoes are a favourite when growing your own and rightly so. Easy to grow, they reward you with a bounty of beautiful fruit throughout summer. But with so many varieties and types to choose from, we wanted to discover which were the best tasting tomatoes and ensure that they were a part of our range.

What Makes a Tomato Taste Great?

When we set out to find the best tasting tomato we thought that maybe it was all
about sweetness. But it’s clear that what makes a tomato taste great is far more than
just that.

It’s the balance of sweetness and acidity along with a complex cocktail of
volatile aromas that all together leave us knowing that ‘this tomato tastes great!’

In 2016 Suttons started working with Exeter University to identify tomato varieties with the
highest nutrient levels. We have now extended our research into finding the most flavoursome
varieties and understanding what takes a tomato from good to gourmet.

The Tomato Taste Test

We asked breeders to let us test the varieties that they believed had the very best flavour. Having excluded any which didn’t thrive or crop well at our trials grounds, all the other varieties (including some supermarket premium varieties) were included in a blind taste trial at Exeter University.

Tomato taste test

Taste testing tomatoes – Exeter University

Whilst there’s no doubt that newer premium supermarket varieties have moved on from
the uniformly boring and bland varieties for which they had become infamous, for the
very best flavour you still just can’t beat tomatoes picked fully ripe from your own vine and
eaten whilst they still hold the maximum levels of volatile aromas that make tomatoes
special. (Out of interest, the supermarket premium variety came 34th in our trial.)

The Results

In true countdown style, our top 3 tasting tomatoes are (drumroll please).…

3rd Place:

Gardener’s Delight
No surprises that in third place is a variety that has been a customer favourite for many years. The bite-sized fruits are packed with a rich, sweet flavour that won over our taste testers.

Gardeners delight tomatoes

Gardeners delight – rich and sweet flavour

2nd Place:

F1 Sweet Petit
Missing out on the top spot is the cherry sized Sweet Petit. The deliciously sweet shiny red fruit had our tasters taste buds jumping for joy but it wasn’t quite enough to make it in to first place.

Tomato Sweet Petit

Sweet Petit – almost made it to first place – but not quite!

1st Place:

Tutti-Frutti F1 Cherry
A brand new introduction for 2018 are the Tutti-Frutti range. With varieties that contain a delicate hint of mandarin and red berries, it was the F1 Cherry with its hint of, you guessed it, cherry that beat all other contenders to claim top spot in out taste test.

Tomato Tutti-Frutti F1 Cherry

Tutti-Frutti F1 Cherry – with hints of cherries and berries in the flavour

Look out for other top performing varieties joining our range next year! Our work with the University continues…

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2 thoughts on “The Best Tasting Tomatoes”

  1. Peter McCrann Campbell says:

    I started growing tomatoes years ago, my first efforts were with Moneymaker, Shirley and Brandywine, the latter being the best tasting tomato I’d had, not a heavy cropper and took a bit of looking after.
    Over the years I’ve tried various varieties with and without good results. For the last four years I’ve had grown “Beefmaster”, a big beast that has a taste that is unmatched; “Country Taste” a good cropper not as large as Beefmaster but has an excellent sweet taste with a slight tang and looks good.
    This year I also had Ferline, Sparta, Moneymaker, Shirley, Tumbling Tom, Tumbler, Bitesize, Flamingo and Tigrella.
    Next year I will only grow Beefmaster and Country Taste, they’re our favourites. Everyone’s tastes differ so preferences will differ too. Growing tomatoes is very rewarding.

  2. I love to eat tomatoes and enjoy to grow tomatoes in my garden. The information given here is really good.

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