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Edible Tuberous Begonia

Expresso flowers in ceramic pot on patio

Very popular during Queen Victoria’s reign the use of edible flowers is on the rise again today. Restaurants and home cooks use edible flowers to add a touch of class and elegance to a dish with many also enhancing a dish with their own unique flavour.

Begonia prima donnaThe key with any edible flowers is first make sure that they are indeed edible and don’t take any chances! Once you are certain that a flower is edible pick the blooms early in the morning when the water content is high and give them a shake to dislodge any lurking insects. Carefully wash the flowers and dry them on kitchen towel.

Tuberous begonias are edible and the flowers are often sold to top restaurants under the name Apple Blossom. These delicate blooms are included in salads and desserts where they add not only colour and interest but also a citrus-sour taste.

In fact with tuberous begonias not only the flowers are edible but also the stems and the leaves. The stems can be eaten in the same way as rhubarb and the leaves can be added to salad as an interesting extra.

Just a word of warning. Begonia flowers and stems contain oxalic acid and should be avoided by suffers of gout, kidney stones and rheumatism.

Of course if you don’t fancy munching on begonias you can still enjoy them in your garden! With a wide range of colours our tuberous begonias are ready for immediate despatch and once they’ve settled will flower right up to the first frosts.

Tuberous begonias are tender perennials and are the mainstay of many summer displays. Choose the form that you prefer – upright, trailing, single-flowered, double-flowered, picoted, frilly-edges, etc. and select from the wide range of colours.

SensationThe largest tuberous begonia is ‘Prima Donna‘ with enormous frilled blooms on compact upright plants.

For a cascading form you won’t go wrong with ‘Sensation’, available in red and yellow these plants produce masses of large blooms on extra strong stems.

So, whether you wish to eat your begonias or just enjoy the colour they give Suttons has a wide range available and now is the time to place your order.

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