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Our guide to companion planting

Companion Planting

When it comes to gardening, the old tricks are often the best – and companion planting is still a great way to get the best from your veg patch. Don’t worry if you’re not too sure where to start, it’s really all about planting the right plants beside one another so that each benefits from its neighbour.

Planting marigolds close to your tomato plants means the marigolds will repel pests, giving your toms a much better chance of thriving. On the other hand, mint will attract ladybirds, so if you plant it close to crops that struggle with greenfly, it can help keep them safe from the pesky bugs!

Boost your veg patch by companion planting

Companion planting can help protect your crops from pests and attract the right kind of insects to help pollinate them. Pairing particular plants can also be a great way to maximise space in your garden. Why not place taller plants so that they can shade those that don’t light sunlight? If you’re keen to start planning your veg patch, here are a few companion planting tips to get you going…

Borage attracts pollinators

Borage is the ultimate bee magnet, and that means it’s really great at attracting pollinators to your garden. Borage will attract honeybees and bumblebees to your garden, so it’s perfect for planting near your fruit plants. It’s happy in sunny or shady spots, so you can use it where you need to.

Mint repels pests

Known as the portable pest-repellent, mint is great for growing in containers and will help keep pests away. Ideal for growing near your cabbage and cauliflowers, mint can just be grown in a pot and placed beside the veg that needs those pests kept at bay.

Poached Egg Plant attracts pest-eaters

Not only does the Poached Egg Plant look beautiful, but those white and yellow flowers attract ladybirds and hoverflies, who love to feast on pesky greenflies. A clever way to protect beans and other veg that’s blighted by the greenfly, this pretty little number is a popular one for protecting our plots from predators.

Marigold defends tomatoes

We mentioned this well-known companion panting hack before. Planting marigolds with your tomatoes helps to repel pests and safeguard your fruits. Marigolds are a powerful companion for defending crops, so if you only try one, pick this one.

Red Knight repels pests from all crops

This flower not only looks pretty striking, but it will help deter pests from your plot. With dark red blooms framed by golden rims, the single-flowered marigold fights to keep those pests away from your produce.

Our handy Companion Planting Collection includes 10 super plugs of the varieties that can boost your veg plants when they grow side by side, so it’s easy to get started.

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