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Gift Guide for Wildlife Lovers

Do you want to interact more closely with your garden wildlife? Or know someone who already does? Then follow our inspiring guide with the best ideas for wildlife gifts this Christmas! 

The Perfect Gifts For Wildlife Lovers

A huge change in our understanding of how important wildlife is for the garden has occurred over the last decade. Organic gardening relies on a fundamental balance between nature and the humble gardener, and what better gift to give than one which helps this vital partnership to thrive. Whether it be bird feeders, bird boxes or state-of-the-art wildlife camera kits, these gifts are perfect for the wildlife enthusiast and organic gardener alike. 

To give a helping hand in finding something they will love, from big gifts to plenty of stocking filler ideas, we have put together a very special list of our top gifts for wildlife lovers in your life, just in time for the festive season.

Bird Houses & Bird Feeders

We are proud of our bird houses and bird feeders because they keep our wildlife thriving across British gardens. Because of this, a bird house or feeder is the kind of gift which just keeps on giving!

There are many varieties of birds you can spot from your window, but if you provide them with a tasty meal and warm home, they will keep coming back for more. In return, they will fill your garden with the sounds of delightful bird songs and bring your garden to life.

Bird Houses

Bird houses make a charming addition to every garden and are a thoughtful gift for avid bird spotters!

The Teapot Nester, Roosting Pockets, and Pear Bird House are all cosy pockets of protection for small garden birds to have an overnight retreat. They can be tucked away and become little hidden safe havens.

Acorn Bird House

Give wrens, great tits and sparrows a safe home with this super cute Acorn Bird House. Crafted in the shape of an acorn, this will help them out during the cold winter months to shelter against strong weathers and raise their adorable little chicks. 

Bird Boxes

If you prefer a traditional style of bird houses, the Great Tit, Blue Tit and Wren Bird Boxes provide a secure place to nest with a pitched roof for extra special home comforts. Nurture nature and help a bird family out this winter.

Bird Feeders

Feed your feathered friends in a variety of different ways! Whatever shape or size of your garden, we have something which fits all. Give the gift of a quirky bird feeder, or something more traditional, and spot the nations favourite garden birds from your very own home.

Supersized Bird Feeder

The more the merrier with this Supersized Bird Feeder! If regularly filling up your bird feeder ever slips your mind, then try the supersized option. With 12 ports each with a landing perch, attracted birds will be back for more and more of this feast!

Peanut Butter House

Birds go nuts for peanut butter, and we have a great way to serve it to them. This contemporary Peanut Butter House has been designed to fit a jar of bird peanut butter for wild birds to devour. Keep on trend with grey decor and provide a high-energy nutritious meal station. 

Happy Habitats

With a little effort, you can make a safe retreat for wildlife and insects. You have many more creatures than you might initially imagine in your garden, and these gifts for nature lovers are designed to support garden wildlife.

There is a gift for all with homes for frogs, insects, hedgehogs and even a special place for our colourful ladybirds!

Hedgehog House

Welcome our spikey visitors into the perfect safe haven. Make room for our nocturnal friends with this stunning Hedgehog House and wildlife house. It doesn’t take up a lot of room and has been designed to have a natural look, blending in amongst nature. It is a beautiful product with super cute welcoming signs and sweet dreams text.

Natural Insect Hotel on a Stake

Make room for minibeasts as the Insect Hotel is the perfect place to check-in for the night or even longer! Provide shelter for insects with this quirky hotel on a stick. Slim and tall, this a really great place for our insects and pollinators to stay.

Bee-rilliant Gifts

Treat the bee lovers in your life to a new bumblebee colony! Make room for bees with a nester, plant bee-friendly species or simply enjoy honey-based products.

Bee-r Barrel

Hang this Bee-r Barrelin your garden and watch as the canes fill up with ‘baby bees’! Attract solitary bees to the garden and aid pollination, and guess what? these friendly bees are industrious and safe around children and pets

Bumblebee Villa and Colony Voucher

Our Bumblebee Villa is handmade in the UK and it comes complete with a large bumblebee hive colony that consists of a queen, 50-60 workers, eggs, sugar water food supply and a small amount of pollen to help the bees during their transportation. They are docile and will only sting if severely aggravated, and are routinely used commercially for the pollination of many fruit and vegetable crops.

Take a look at the BBKA Guide To Beekeeping Book to know everything and more about our buzzing fuzzy friends.


Do you know a wildlife photographer or someone who wants to capture the perfect shot outside? Our photographer gifts will get the photographers in your life excited to go outside and picture those perfect moments in nature. Whether it’s taking breathtaking pictures of wildlife, scenery or people, we have put together a range of must-have photographer gadgets and ideas to inspire you.

Camera Nest Box

The perfect starter kit for watching and listening to wild birds on the nest with the Camera Nest Box. Watch them day and night with a CMOS colour/infrared camera operating in high-quality colour during daylight and then switches to black and white in low light levels and darkness.

The super mini camera is ideal for wildlife and domestic installations such as nest boxes, hedgehog houses, bat boxes, insect houses and covered bird feeders, or domestic pet surveillance, aviaries, stables, hutches etc.

Capture Perfect Moments…

Final Wildlife Essentials

These are a few final essentials that we feel make wonderful gifts for our fellow wildlife lovers. They also make great stocking fillers if your falling short on filling up the sock!

Ideal For Young Learners

And a little self-care…

We hope this helps you supply a wildlife lover with a selection of wonderful gifts this Christmas!

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