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Vintage Suttons Seed Tin

Vintage Suttons Seed Tin Close up

Many of you have purchased a Suttons Seed tin recently. In fact the take-up has been so good we’re thinking of launching a different version each year and seeing if it can be a collectable. The only trouble is that people do seem to like to keep hold of their seed tins. For years and years!

Vintage Suttons Seeds Tin

Vintage Suttons Seeds Tin circa 1900

Mrs Sims recently sent in the following photos of a beautiful Suttons Seed tin believed to be about 100 years old.

This tin was used by a relative of Mrs Sims who was Head Gardener to the Arkwright family of Holbrook Hall, Derbyshire. The Arkwrights were connected to the cotton mills of Derbyshire, descendants of the famous Richard Arkwright.

2014 Suttons Seed Tin

2014 Suttons Seed Tin – Buy today

What do you think? Should we launch a new tin design each year?

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One thought on “Vintage Suttons Seed Tin”

  1. Nick Lewis says:

    I have just bought a tin with some roman artefacts in it, the tin had been painted over but the inside of the tin clearly indicates it is a Sutton and Sons tin. I have been able to identify an owl and in the bottom left corner a building on the lid. Is there a record held of the designs on Sutton and Sons seed tins as I would love to be able to identify and date the tin that I now have.
    To answer your question I think the launch of new seed tins is a great idea along with the reissue of old ones!
    The quality would need to be good as the old ones have lasted more than 100 years!!

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