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It’s a good year for roses

Rambling RosieThere are many great things about gardening, but the occasional gifts from Mother Nature, and little surprises that pop up every now again are priceless.  It could be a wind blown or bird dropped seedling, like foxgloves or poppies, that turn up where you haven’t planted any; English bluebells popping out of nowhere, and raspberries that spring up where you don’t expect them.  Best of all though is the appearance of a rambling rose that I didn’t know was there.


I’ve identified it as ‘Rambling Rosie’, but if I’m wrong please let me know.  It must have been planted by a previous occupant of my garden, and she’s been keeping a low profile for quite a while because I haven’t noticed her before.  This year though she’s decided to make an entrance in a big way and is putting on quite a show in the shrubbery. 

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