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What’s so special about spring?

young girl holding bunch of daffodils

Throughout the cold and dark of the winter months many of us long for spring. The time for rebirth, renewal of growth, green shoots and a thousand and one other clichés. The word “spring” has several meanings. It is to suddenly jump upwards or forwards, a natural source of water, a fitment in a chair or bed and of course it is also the season between winter and summer.

So what is so special about spring?

– Increased temperatures meaning that plants and grass begin to grow and that we can all start to unravel ourselves from scarves, gloves and winter coats.

– Increased light levels giving gardeners more time to spend pottering and sowing our seeds.

– The longer days means that garden hens will increase their laying of those delicious orange-yoked eggs.

Jumbo Crocus

Jumbo Crocus

Daffodils, crocus, hyacinths, tulips, primroses and other spring flowers will be the first real colour that many of us have seen in our gardens since the previous autumn. The garden has suddenly come back to life.

– Not only do spring flowers look bright and beautiful many are also scented sending wafts of perfume into the air on warm spring days

– With so many spring flowers about it is inexpensive to have cut flowers in the house again with few things looking as vibrant as a large vase holding masses of golden daffodils.

– St Valentine’s Day for the lovers or a day to just spoil yourself if spending it alone.

– The birds too are looking for love and will be thrilling us with their dawn chorus

– Spring cleaning may not be special to everyone but sparkling windows are better to see the garden through.

– Easter is special to many and who doesn’t enjoy hot cross buns and chocolate eggs?

– New born lambs springing on straight legs and chasing about the fields in gangs.

– May Day with children dancing around the maypole and hopefully not getting in a tangle!

And last but by no means least, spring brings us the knowledge that summer will soon be knocking on the door. Now where did I put that BBQ?

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