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The best festive house plants for Christmas

White Anthurium from Suttons

Fill your home with festive house plants and indoor greenery this Christmas. Whether you want scented flowers, exotic colours or glossy green foliage, you’ll find everything you’re looking for and more.

Browse our full range of house plants to give your home a stylish lift. And if you’re looking for something with a festive theme, take a look at our dedicated Christmas section.

Best house plants for the Christmas table

Red amaryllis in gold globe with festive Christmas table decoration
Festive house plants, like this Amaryllis in Globe from Suttons make the perfect table centrepiece
Image: ©Branded Garden Products

For the Christmas table, choose scentless plants that won’t put you off your turkey. Amaryllis bulbs produce tall, compact and fragrance-free flowers that come in a range of colours. Offering great value for money, they have the capacity to bloom again year after year, unlike other bulbs which only tolerate forcing once. Choose amaryllis ‘Minerva’ for bold red flowers with white centres or, for an elegant white alternative, try amaryllis ‘Picotee’

Other scentless table toppers include our amazing azaleas. Try a white ‘standard’ azalea for a tall and sophisticated centrepiece, or, for a bit of fun, go for the Christmas azalea tree with red or white flowers. Fashioned into a traditional Christmas tree shape, this table decoration is guaranteed to be a show-stopping talking point.

Celebrating Christmas with young children? Create a fun display with our brightly coloured train set in the centre of your dining table. Filled with your choice of Kalanchoe or Hyacinths, kids will love it!

Best festive house plants for gifting

Multicoloured Christmas cactus in white pot
This elegant tricolour Christmas cactus from Suttons makes an excellent gift
Image: ©Branded Garden Products

House plants make excellent festive gifts that last well beyond the holiday season. A classic option is the tricolour Christmas cactus with trailing stems of brightly coloured blooms. For an understated alternative, choose a white Christmas cactus with subtle pink detailing in the throat. These plants require little attention and bloom prolifically, making them fantastic Christmas gifts for beginner growers.

Another excellent gift idea is the tropical-looking pineapple plant. Traditionally a symbol of generosity and hospitality, pineapples have long been associated with celebrations and, in days gone by, were often displayed to welcome guests over the holidays. 

Looking for something with a bit of sparkle? Our amaryllis with LED lights gently illuminates any room and is a welcome gift that would brighten anyone’s day. 

Best festive house plants for colour and scent

Red hibiscus flowers in a white pot with Christmas decorations
The glorious flowers of Hibiscus ‘Festive Flair’ from Suttons make for a natural Christmas decoration
Image: ©Branded Garden Products

Fill your home with magical reds, greens and golds using brightly coloured flowering plants. Hibiscus ‘Festive Flair’ combines the bright red blooms and glossy, dark green leaves that so perfectly encapsulate the season. For a slightly less traditional colour scheme, Azalea ‘Quartet’ is a joyful indoor plant with four different coloured flowers. 

If it’s scent that you’re after, Orchid ‘Star Class Apollon’ is a beautiful plant that produces lightly perfumed blooms on compact stems. Alternatively, our Stephanotis Floribunda On A Hoop has a richer and sweeter scent if you’re looking for a focal point in a bright, warm room. 

Forced indoor bulbs will also flower in time for Christmas – use hyacinths, narcissus, tulips and crocuses to bring a whole range of different colours, scents and flower shapes to your Christmas decor.

Best festive house plants for foliage

Indoor begonia with multicoloured leaves
Begonia ‘Merry Christmas’ from Suttons has beautifully festive leaf colours
Image: ©Branded Garden Products

If you prefer a simple, Scandi-style theme at Christmas, foliage house plants are the perfect choice. Try adding a selection of ferns for a stylish and contemporary vibe – their feathery fronds provide soft texture and warmth to any space. Dryopteris affinis is particularly attractive with foliage that changes from delicate yellow-green to a deeper green colour as it grows. 

For a real conversation starter, consider an umbrella plant grown on a piece of porous lava — the roots of this tree extract moisture and nutrients from the lava rock and the surrounding air. Foliar plants provide a display all year round and are a great option for eco-conscious households too.

But for the most eye-catching and colourful foliage, you can’t beat indoor begonias. Just like the name, begonia ‘Escargot’ produces deep silvery foliage in attractive tight spirals. Opt for a begonia ‘Blackberry Swirl’ if deep red is your favourite Christmas colour, or begonia masoniana ‘Rock’ for an attractive star shape in the centre of each leaf. 

Whichever house plants you choose to decorate your home at Christmas, looking after them correctly will extend their shelf life and improve their performance. For more advice, read our guide on how to care for your festive house plants. Looking for the perfect presents? Order plant gifts from Suttons and have them delivered directly to friends and family with a personal message.

Lead image: White Anthurium from Suttons

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