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A touch of frost

I haven’t braved the back garden for a few weeks – the ground is either too boggy or frozen, and working during the week means that, in winter, the only chance you get is at the weekend. Last weekend I decided to venture out to survey the damage done by the snow, frost and rain.

I’ve lost a few perennials that have survived previous winters – my Echium pininana (pictured) which was about four feet high at its prime – now looks a sorry site and my Echinops that I was so proud of, looks like it’s had its day. But there is some good news in the corner – some bulbs are showing their heads. I didn’t plant them last Autumn so they mush have been there a bit longer but I can’t for the life of me remember what variety they are!


A sad looking Echium


Bulbs - crocus perhaps?

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One thought on “A touch of frost”

  1. Graham Cooper says:

    Thanks for all your wonderful advice and guidance.One question can I plant daffodils under grass and then put grass on top after planting.regards Graham.

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