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National Plant a Flower Day: New Flower Seeds, Houseplants & Flower Growing Guides

Hand planting a flower in ground

Add scent, texture and colour to your garden by growing flower plants and seeds in your beds and borders. You even get the bonus of attracting pollinators! To celebrate National Plant a Flower Day, celebrated annually on the 12th of March, spring is the perfect time to try something new and exciting with your gardening.

With everything you need to know about planting flowers, our article is packed full of growing guides, new varieties to try out, and advice for container gardens, along with expert plant size guide tips that you need to know before you buy.

Hand sowing seeds in modular tray
Sowing flower seeds in cell trays is just one of the way to start your flower growing adventure.

March is a wonderful time of year to celebrate the planting of flowers and welcome the new season, but also to appreciate the the fact that there are over 400,000 worldwide flowering species! So there’s something for everyone, and every flower brings natural beauty.

Flowers are used for many purposes, and play a pivotal part in our environment. As well as feeding our pollinators, who in turn help our food and other plants to grow, they form the basis for medicines, food, crafts, beauty products, dyes, and more.

We believe the best way to celebrate Plant a Flower Day is to sow or plant a flower (or several), and Suttons flower plants come in five sizes:

You can view our handy plant size guide for more information on each.There are too many flower varieties to fit into one article,, but you can browse our wide selection on our website!

New Flower Plants

Looking to add something special to your garden? Each year, Suttons’ expert growers cultivate and introduce many new flower plants to our range. Either as new varieties of beloved favourites, or striking new additions to traditional ranges, these flower plants add something different to your beds and borders.

New Flower Seeds

Get ready to grow something a little different this month! We’ve introduced a selection of fabulous new flower seed varieties this year. Our experts have been hard at work finding flowers with striking scents, dazzling colours and a ‘wow’ factor that will help keep your garden one step ahead.

Perhaps you prefer to stick with more longstanding and traditional varieties of flower seeds, so click here to view flower seeds to sow this month.

For more information on how to sow your seeds, read our Success With Seeds Blog. For all the information you need on sowing indoors and out!

Flowers for Wildlife & Pollinators

Why not celebrate National Grow a Flower Day by growing a flower that is not only for you but your wildlife too? Our ‘seeds for bees and butterflies’ collection includes seeds for many beneficial insects. Planting species that encourage pollinators helps to build a tiny gardening team to do your pest control and pollination for you, and supports native wildlife by providing habitats and food.

You’ll find seeds for bees and butterflies, bumblebees and honey bees, ladybirds, hoverflies and lacewings, who all do their bit for your garden. Whether you’re keen to support bees or protect your veg and flowers from pests, our seeds for bees and butterflies has the perfect varieties.

Houseplants and Indoor Flowers

Is your flower growing  space limited? Become an indoor gardener instead! It’s just as rewarding, and you get to enjoy the process and flowers indoors too. From dazzling orchids to large-foliage centrepieces, indoor garden and house plants can transform any living space into something special. Our range has been selected to provide you with inspirational indoor growing plants. No matter the size or character of your space.

Flower Growing Guides

Whether you have your flower plant ready to plant for National Plant a Flower Day, or you just want some general guidance on planting your flowers out when your plugs or seeds are ready, check out these tips and links to our best flower growing guides.

Delivery Aftercare & Growing On Tips

On delivery of your plants, follow our tips and do this straight away.

  • Carefully unpack your plants and check that the compost is moist. Should any of the compost be dry, water carefully using a small watering can, and allow to drain.
  • Stand in a light, warm place, and then follow the ‘growing on’ instructions in this leaflet as soon as you can – provided they are kept moist, they can usually be left for up to 3 days.

Flower planting tips

  • To reduce the need for weeding once you have planted out your bedding display, dig over your planting area a couple of weeks before you intend to plant. As the soil warms this encourages the weed seeds to germinate and you can remove them before you plant up your display.
  • If you intend to plant ‘Value Plug Plants’ through the side of your baskets then you use a smaller pot than 7cm and transfer it into baskets when well established.
  • For planting directly into the garden, ensure that you dig over the soil and break down any lumps, then plant straight into their flowering position. In areas where the existing soil is poor, incorporate a good handful of compost into each area you are planting. Once planted don’t forget to give your plants a drink and protect them from slugs and snails.

Perennial & Annual Growing Guide

Yellow crocosmia flower


Your perennial plants can be planted out in the garden straightaway. Choose a free draining, moisture retentive soil. Dig over the area, incorporating garden compost or other well rotted organic material to help retain moisture, this is especially important on light, sandy soils. Rake in a general fertiliser such as Growmore or Bone meal prior to planting.


These plants are ready to be planted directly into their final position. Fill your baskets, tubs and containers with a quality potting compost, incorporating water storage crystals and a slow-release fertiliser if available. Remove the pot and plant ensuring the root ball is covered with compost. Water the plants immediately after planting to settle the soil around the roots. It is important to keep the plants well-watered during dry spells and feed on a weekly basis. Regularly remove faded flowers to encourage further flower production.

Caring for container plants

Container plants in garden

Some container plants look best when grown on their own – for example, marguerites and patio roses – whereas others look better in a mixed planting. The top 5 container plants are geranium, petunia, impatiens, fuchsia and lobelia but there’s a massive selection of other flower plants to choose from.

Although you won’t get the day off at work for National Flower Day, it’s still the perfect occasion to show your appreciation for flowers and bring some colour and charm to your garden and home. We hope our guidance on how to celebrate National Plant a Flower Day is helpful and gives you enough to hit the ground running with the busy gardening and sowing season ahead!

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Browse our latest blog posts for gardening advice, how-to guides and insights into new products.

Browse our latest blog posts for gardening advice, how-to guides and insights into new products.

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