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Preparing Lawns for Summer

Summer lawn preparation

Lawns require a little extra care at the time of year, the reward being beautiful green carpets in the summer. Winter can be tough on lawns, especially for those that have been walked on in frosty or wet weather and the family dog probably won’t have helped either! Now is the time to repair those bare patches, remove the moss and clear away any weeds.

There are a number of different types and uses for lawns ranging from the traditional stripes to rough grass beneath trees, narrow, closely mown paths and sports areas which require extra toughness. Different uses require different types of grasses so it is worth doing some research before sowing new lawns and ensuring that the grasses included match your needs. Grass substitutes such as chamomile and thyme make alternative lawns that smell beautiful when walked on but will not be as hardwearing as grass.

To many people lawn maintenance means mowing and occasionally watering however a little more is required if you wish to keep your grass in tip-top condition and spring is the time to start.

Lawn ScarifierMoss – If moss is present then apply lawn sand or a propriety moss killer. Wait for the moss to die and turn black and then scarify.

Scarify – Lightly rake the lawn to remove any moss or winter build-up of dead grass. This is best done with a fine tined rake, designed specifically for lawns or with larger areas a lawn scarifier will be both time and back saving.

Mow – Initially don’t set the blades too low as “scalping” the grass will encourage moss to grow. In spring mow just once a week but this can be increased as summer arrives. It really is a matter or personal taste as to how closely mown you like your lawn.

Rapid Green

Rapid Green


Bare Patches – Unsightly bare patches can be repaired in spring using Suttons Rapid Green Self-Reairing Lawn Seed. Each seed is coated with seaweed extract meaning that it will grow very

quickly, eliminating those bare patched in just 7 to 10 days.

Lawn weedsWeeds – In a natural lawn bordering wildflowers a few weeds may not be a problem but if you prefer the more manicured look then you’ll be wanting to remove those pesky dandelions, daisies and other weeds. This can be done by hand with a daisy grubber tool or by using a specific lawn weedkiller.

lawnLawns are often over-looked and neglected but a little care at this time of year will help your lawn to provide a beautiful green backdrop to your colourful beds and borders throughout the summer months. More care and maintenance will be required come autumn!

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