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A Guide to Gardening Tools: Including New 2021 Range3

The right gardening tools can be the key to making your version of a perfect garden, while making it much easier to maintain and comfortable to manage in the process. A lot of hard work goes into a flower garden or thriving veg patch, and why make life hard trying to get the job done?

Some gardeners only rely on basic gardening tools, whereas some require specialist equipment. Or perhaps you might have a muddle of the two but are struggling with holes in your gloves, a bent handle on your fork or a wheelbarrow with a dodgy wheel. Maybe you have a lawn mower that doesn’t really mow?

To accomplish a great garden, or just make gardening easy, some specific gardening tools can really offer a helping hand. Although we may all have an old favourite pair of secateurs that are unbearable to let go of, there’s no harm in having spy at the new and improved garden tools out there.

This year, from garden hand tools, to wheelbarrows and machinery, we are going to guide you through our latest additions and how you can use them! If your a beginner gardener, here’s all you need to know about the basics of garden tools, and if your an experienced gardener, is there something here you don’t have?

Garden Hand Tools

Quality hand gardening tools become a bit of a ‘must have’ in the garden, and everyone has their take on how they use them. Here’s a guide to our new range of garden hand tools, including spades, shovels, secateurs, shears, scoops, trowels, forks, rakes and much more! Plus the basics to everything you need for landscaping.


Garden Gloves are a must! They are the beginning to gardening and the first thing you need to put on! Protect your hands and keep your skin soft and clean with a good pair of gardening gloves. You don’t want to be scratched by the sharp leaves of bushes and shrubs! Browse all our gloves here!


Perhaps one of the most well known and much loved tools there are. A hand trowel is ideal for planting small plants in beds or vegetables, and digging in smaller projects and pots. Great for raised beds and containers too.

Bypass Pruners

Bypass pruners work their magic on thicker stems that hand pruners (mini trimming shears) struggle to cut through. Perfect for trimming back roses, shrubs and fruit bushes.

Hand Fork

The perfect tool to accompany the hand trowel and ideal for weeding around small areas. The fork loosens soil and the roots of weeds helping you to keep your garden neat and weed free. Use with small plants and seedlings to prepare the soil, these are great for digging up weeds too.


A long handled spade is great for the taller gardener, or those tough digging jobs. Perfect for digging and preparing your soil.

Digging Fork

A digging fork has similarities to a spade but these are great when it comes to compost and straw. Sharp, gripped and can hold a heavy load!


Small in size but this hand hoe crafted to yield tremendous strength for slicing weeds beneath the surface of small, or dense flower and vegetable beds, as well as cultivating the soil.

Hedge Shears

You’ll need some hedge shears when it comes to trimming hedges, bushes or solitary shrubs! They will help you control any over growth by hand, or enable you to cut to shape.

Here’s Some Extra Must-Have Tools!

Rake – Widely used in vegetable gardens, a rake is specially designed with curved teeth can be pulled through the soil smoothly and easily. They can also be used on gravel and for levelling seedbeds. We also have a lightweight rake for leaves!

Edging Knife – Light yet strong, this treaded edging knife provides a clean and accurate cut, giving neat edges to your lawn and borders.

Dibber – The sharp point is perfect for bulb planting or for accurate seed drilling. A dibber is ideal for making holes in the ground ready for planting.

Cultivator Hoe – The Cultivator Hoe gives great control and angle when working between delicate plants, a traditional tool with a blade that can chop off small weeds and cultivate the soil.

Scoop – A fantastic companion for the potting bench enabling you to scoop compost from a bag as well as mixing other ingredients such as feeds, fertilisers and aerators into your soil mix.


A wheelbarrow is always a good start when it comes to gardening, you might be surprised with how much mess you make! Make gardening easier with a wheelbarrow, it is one of those garden essentials we should all own. They take the effort out of moving your garden plants, waste and tools around your plot.

The kind of Wheelbarrow comes with a puncture-proof tyre, meaning it will never go flat. Made from rust-proof non-corrosive materials, this Wheelbarrow is great for transporting more in one go with a 90L capacity. Its well-balanced design lets you get the job done more efficiently.

Lawnmowers & Hedgetrimmers

There are a few garden power tools we should all own and know how to use. Lawn mowers and hedge trimmers are just two of them! But the main two you need to maintain a neat and controlled garden.

Lawn Mower

A lawn Mower will cut your grass to an even height and keep it controlled and not overgrown. These come in all shapes and sizes, so go with what works for you. Whether that is light weight or eco-friendly.

Hedge Trimmers

Perfect for trimming fresh growth on hedges and shrubs. They will create long sharp edges on anything you cut. They are great for cutting back large hedges, where you can shape and define the leaves.

We hope you find the quality garden tools you need or something new to add to the garden shed. Join the Suttons community today and take us with you on your gardening journey – #MySuttonsJourney

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