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Sowing seeds in November

I’m not at my best in Autumn – I was reminded of this when I realised that I’d written this post (Becoming reconciled with Autumn) just over a year ago! So clearly the Autumn blues hit me every year at around the same time and every year I seem to drag myself out of it. So last weekend, I dragged myself out into the garden and I planted my Spring bulbs – daffodils, tulips etc. And yes, I did enjoy it and it chased the blues away.

Sweet Pea Early FragranceI also sowed my sweet peas – a little late I know.  Sowing seeds in November gets me thinking every year; it’s such an act of faith in nature, sowing tiny little seeds in a cold greenhouse when little is in colour – but secure in the knowledge that nature will repay you with plants that will be just a little earlier or just a little stronger than those planted after Christmas.

So I’ve got the web guys to add a new page to the site called Seeds to Sow now. It’s just a handy way of finding out what can be sown at the moment. It’s my way of dealing with Autumn this year.

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