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The first day of Spring?

While many regard yesterday, 21st March as the first day of Spring there are so many opinons about what constitutes the beginning of Spring and, given the size of the UK, it almost seems trite to try to imply that Spring arrives on one day. According to The Guardian “for statistical consistency” the Met Office defines 1st March as the first day of Spring rather than the more traditional date of 21st March, the vernal equinox. But, as pointed out on Wikipedia, the equinox is really mid-spring in the way that 21st June is mid-summer.  That said, we all feel the benefits of the longer days and there is nothing to lift the spirits like a crisp Spring morning and for me, Spring really arrives when the clocks go forward as this is when I can do some gardening after work in the evening!

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One thought on “The first day of Spring?”

  1. stanposton says:

    It would seem that the first day of spring depends on your geographical location within the UK. Spring supposedly takes eight weeks to travel from lands end to John o groats so i calculate we in Central Scotland are about six weeks behind the south of England. Makes for a much shorter growing season.

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