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Out with the Old, In with the New

It’s that time of year again when the garden is looking a little worse for wear. Now is the time to start thinking of warmer days and planning for the spring. We’ve compiled a few tips to get you well on your way to making your garden look great again.

What do I do with my garden at the end of the season?

Winter can be a difficult time for gardens, with copious amounts of rain, sharp cold weather and possibly even some snow! With that in mind, it’s best to take stock of your winter garden once the weather clears up a bit. Go out and assess your flower beds, flower borders and other garden features. Once you know what needs doing it’s all about getting stuck in.

Tidying up flower beds, borders & other areas of your garden

Start with having a general tidy up; any general debris, leaves and dead flowers that need removing should be the first point of action. Remember that much of the debris you’re removing can be put in your compost bins to be used later! 

Try and use old twigs and leaves for local wildlife by making bug hotels etc. That way the work you’re doing to freshen up your garden won’t be too disruptive to bees and other insects.

Clear flower beds and borders right back to the soil and remember to remove weeds along the way. Don’t put these in your home compost bin though – you will find that the seeds germinate and cause more trouble in the future.

Get your soil to a workable level using the compost you’ve been forming through winter. It’s time to add some instant impact winter flowers to those borders!

Woman & girl gardening SolisImages/iStock photo

What flowers can I plant straight after winter?

After you’ve cleared all your flower beds out let’s instantly rejuvenate them! We’ll talk you through some amazing potted plants that will instantly add profusions of colour to your garden just in time for spring. Your garden will transform in a matter of hours back to the glory days of its good looks through spring and summer. 

Sutton’s range of 9cm potted plants are an ideal starting point and believe me you’ll thank us afterwards. Whether you’re looking to colour code your bedding plants or just add instant colour we’ve got something to help.

Primrose Plants – Rambo Appleblossom

Subtle pinks with star-shaped yellow centres will add a noticeable amount of colour to your flower beds. However, it’s the large green leaves that will add the most. The green contrasting with subtle pink flowers really shows how healthy your flower beds are without being too overbearing too quickly.

Primula Rambo Appleblossom Suttons

Primula Plants – Candy Mix

A breath of fresh air in your flower beds and easy to grow. A mixture of blue, pink and yellow, these spring flowers will add so much colour to your garden instantly. Also, try planting these in patio pots and containers to create bright and colourful displays on the back end of winter.

Primula Candy Mix Rudy Raes

Feeling Lucky?

Our Winter/Spring Bedding Plants – Lucky Dip is the most perfect way to add flurries of random colour to your spring garden! In no time at all, you will have a fully-fledged flower exhibition – something to be proud of through the rest of winter. 

With 18 potted plants included you’ll be able to plant them everywhere from your beds and borders to hanging baskets. 

Winter/Spring Bedding Lucky Dip Touch Ireland Shannonside Charity

We love you getting in touch with us either via the blog or any of our social media channels.

When you have your instant impact flower beds looking beautiful again please send us some pictures of your garden both before planting new bedding and after with all of the amazing spring blooms.

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