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Brighten your garden with our Easter offers

We love this time of year here at Suttons…the snowmen have melted, the sun’s coming back to us and it’s time to fall back in love with our gardens. Easter’s got us in the mood to brighten our outdoor spaces with as much colour as possible, and our special offers will help you guys do the same. Whether you’re in the mood for happy reds and pinks or dreamy purple tones, our Easter gardening offers include everything you need to create your perfect garden this spring.

Easter Perennials

£29.99 for 15 potted perennials

Our 1 metre square garden pack is now just £29.99 and contains a selection of 15 beautiful potted perennials. Each pack includes Erysimum Bowles-Mauve, Armeria Maritima Ballerina Red, Armeria Ballerina White, Armeria Ballerina Purple Rose and Verbena Bonariensis (3 of each). An easy way to welcome a variety of flowers and colours to your garden, this pack of perennial plants is a lovely one to start with this Easter.

Mixed Geraniums

£10 for 40 plug plants

If you can’t quite wait to welcome the fruits (or flowers) of all your time in the garden this Easter, these mixed geraniums flower in June. This selection of 40 plug plants includes all the classic geranium colours and lots of attractively zoned foliage. A must-have for your garden overhaul, these pretty plugs are just £10 for the Easter period (instead of £15.98).

Easter Herbs

£25.00 for 10 herb plants and planter

Whether you’re a seasoned herb grower or you’ve been promising yourself to grow your own for years, now’s the time to stock up on a selection of our faves. Our selection of 10 carefully chosen herb plants comes with a free planter to help you grow your herbs, and these guys can be grown in your garden or in pots on a patio. At just £25.00 this Easter, we say dig out those herb-inspired cookbooks this spring and experience the joy of growing your own.


£3.99 for 2 bulbs

There’s only one thing better than a bright, beautiful lily, and that’s a pollen-free lily! Our Roselily bulbs are half price this weekend at just £3.99 for 2 bulbs, and their double flowers are gorgeous. Choose from Isabella, Elena or Corolla, and when July and August roll around you’ll be treated to a light scent that drifts across the garden. And if you grapple with allergies, these pollen-free beauts mean no sniffles when they flower…

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