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New Varieties of Spring Bulbs

Our 2015 Bulb Catalogue boasts 80-pages of spring bulbs, flower, fruit and vegetable plants. Many new varieties have been added to the range but we’ve also remained loyal to the old favourites that we all look forward to seeing each spring.
Every purchase of daffodil bulbs will result in money being raised for the excellent charity, Marie Curie, who offer support to people living with a terminal illness, and their families. Suttons has agreed to donate 10% of all daffodil sales. So, the more bulbs we sell then the larger the donation.

Daffodil Galactic

To help you to spot the new bulb varieties we’ve listed them below. Of course you need to see the pictures so we’ve supplied the catalogue page number but if you prefer to look online simply click on the link.

Page 3 – Daffodil ‘Thalia’– a pure white multi-headed flower
Page 4 – Daffodil Rip Van Winkle – a multi-headed, double-flowered dwarf variety
Page 5 – Daffodil Rosemoor Gold – an award winning scented jonquil
Page 6 – Daffodil ‘Galactic Star’ – the best bi-coloured daffodil ever with frilly white cups against recurved yellow petals
Pages 7 – Double Daffodil Obdam – highly fragrant with creamy-white blooms
Pages 9 and 11 – Our pre-planted bulb trays were so popular last year that we’ve added 4 new selections. Just dig, drop and done!
Page 13 – Crocus versicolour picturatus – Diamond-white petals with delicate purple stripes
Page 14 – Anemone coronaria Mr Fokker – True blue petals with contrasting black stamens over low-growing fern-like foliage.
Page 14 – Anemone White Splendour – Single pure-white multi-petalled flowers with delicate lobed leaves.
Page 16 – Ornithlogalum nutans (Nodding Star of Bethlehem) – Bell-like silvery-grey flowers with veined foliage.
Page 18 – Tulip orphanidea whittallii – Flaming orange petals with contrasting olive green splash.
Page 19 – Tulip Ice Stick – a dwarf wild form of tulip with white petals stained yellow at the base and crimson on the outside.
Page 22 – Fireworks Collection – A mix of 20 Daffodil and Tulip bulbs, all in fiery oranges and yellows.
Page 23 – Tulip Hakuun – A bright white giant flower.
Page 24 – Tulip Golden Oxford – A tall early flowering golden yellow flower.
Page 25 – Tulip Calgary Flames – Winner of the RHS Award of garden Merit with white petals on the inside and yellow on the outside.
Page 29 – Allium Mount Everest – Large long-lasting umbels of frosty white star-shaped flowers.
Page 37 – Stacks of Colour – Personalised crates with collections of bulbs to give long-lasting colour.

Anemone Mr Fokker

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