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Planting and looking after your Amaryllis bulbs

Amaryllis flower head close up

How do I plant my amaryllis bulbs?

Plant the amaryllis bulbs in a pot that is 5cm (2″)wider than the bulb. Use a John Innes No.2 potting compost or a multipurpose compost and plant the bulb so that only half its depth is below soil level. Beneath the bulb should be compost to half of the depth of the bulb.

Grow the plant on at a minimum temperature of 12°C (54°F) in a brightly lit position. Water sparingly at first until growth starts, then increase the frequency and apply a flowering plant liquid feed at 7-10 day intervals. You can plant Amaryllis bulbs from October into April

How do I care for my amaryllis now that it has stopped flowering?

Immediately after flowering remove the flower stem by cutting it back as low as possible.Once the foliage starts to turn yellow in late summer reduce the amount of water applied, stop feeding and keep dry for three months, while the bulb is dormant. Remove the dead foliage and maintain a minimum temperature of 12°c (54°F).

Before growth restarts remove the top 2.5cm (1″) of compost , replacing with fresh potting compost.

Amaryllis dislike root disturbance and should only repotted every 3-4 years when the bulb becomes to large for the pot.

How do you over winter Amaryllis belladonna?
Amaryllis Belladonna
Over Winter Amaryllis belladonna grown in pots in a greenhouse or conservatory at a minimum temperature of 5-7ºC (40-45ºF). As the leaves start to yellow start to reduce the watering and remove the foliage as it withers and keep the plant dry until growth resumes.

Allow the leaves of plants grown in the garden to die back naturally and remove the withered leaves. Apply a mulch to give added frost protection.

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