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Ken’s Success with Suttons Seeds

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – here at Suttons we just love hearing about our customer’s gardens and receiving photos of what they have achieved with our seeds and plants.

One such customer, Mrs Parveen Dinsdale, contacted us recently to share some photos of the wonderful display of flowers grown by her husband, Ken, using our seeds. With an 80 foot back garden and a 30 foot front garden Ken has a fair amount of space to fill and fill it he does! As you’ll see from the following photos there is a mass of colour produced by a huge number of plants.

Ken 16Parveen tells us that Ken’s interest in gardening began with hanging baskets and indoor plants. This interest quickly grew and at one stage Parveen counted 78 hanging and wall baskets attached to the
fences and walls. Believing it to be a garden centre passers-by sometimes knock on the front door wanting to buy the plants. Ken however refuses to sell any of his flowers or baskets as he feels this would take away some of the pleasure he gains from his hobby.

Every six months Ken loves to present a new colourful display of flowers in his garden with most being grown from Suttons’ seed. As you can see this includes many hanging baskets, and potted plants. In Parveen’s words, “Ken’s display makes you feel you have been showered with all the colours in the world.”

Ken 5

Ken 13Unfortunately Parveen’s health is not too good and she now has to sleep downstairs. The good news is that this means she looks out over the front garden in all its glory and can observe people’s reaction to Ken’s beautiful flowers. “I often giggle to myself when I see people take a double take as they walk passed our front garden. I truly believe that Ken’s enthusiasm and hard work in growing flowers gives such a lot of pleasure in our neighbourhood. It’s like a form of voluntary community involvement but for Ken it’s an activity from which he gets a lot of enjoyment.”

Ken’s display is grown from seeds and seedling supplied by Suttons. Ken has been a valued customer for about the last 20 years and hopefully will continue sowing and growing our seed for many more years to come. Growing from seed is a really cost effective and rewarding way to fill your garden with colour and we hope that Ken’s photos will encourage others to give it a go. The plants shown include the following:

– Begonias
– Senetti
– Pansies
– Antirrhinums
– Marigolds

We are very grateful to Parveen for sharing her photos with us and hope you in turn have enjoyed seeing them. We know that our seeds and plants are top quality but Ken clearly has the skill and expertise to get the maximum performance from them. Well done Ken and thank you!

Ken 4

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