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First Homegrown Potatoes

Hooray!  Please see pic for this evenings’ tea.  Am v. excited.  Enjoyed myself throughly scrambling for potatoes in the soil.

I have some practical tips!

  1. Chop the top growth off before tipping out the bucket and stick it in the composter
  2. Drag the bucket near to where you want to relocate the compost.
  3. Get a sheet of plastic (or in my case a black plastic bag) and tip the bucket onto it.
  4. Scramble in the soil for your potatoes!

An extremely satisfying exercise.

I spoke to our garden advisor about the little white dots on some of the potatoes and he said if it comes off when you clean them, don’t worry, it’s just surface fungal growth and it just means they’ve been sat wet for too long.  He also said “You’ve done well haven’t you?” in, quite frankly, a surprised tone.

Am all pleased with myself….

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