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Infographic: Top 10 Dangerous Garden Accidents

From tranquil, peaceful getaways, kids own adventure playgrounds, outdoor entertainment spaces and providing food for the family, our gardens are whatever we want and need them to be. With vast amounts of specialist garden tools and equipment used to keep our outside spaces in tip top condition, reports of accidents in the garden have been on rise in recent years. Knowing the hazards to watch out for is important to staying safe in the garden.

So what do you think causes the most garden accidents in the UK? Check out our infographic below to see what are the most hazardous objects in the garden and the number of accidents they cause each year.

Top 10 Garden Accidents

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One thought on “Infographic: Top 10 Dangerous Garden Accidents”

  1. This article is really very sad.This post helps in knowing us that so many people died due to these tools.I bought a zero turn lawn mower for my garden.Hope so it will help me in gardening.

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